BE23 Friends,

...a blast from the past here...

A long grieving period may be coming to an end. The loss of 7657R and
the realization that probably another Musketeer is not in my future
has been a bitter pill to swallow. The three Beeches I owned were
great aircraft, and I loved flying them. I thoroughly enjoyed
ownership--even the owner-assisted annuals with the dreaded 60-screw
inspection plate and others.

The hard-IFR flights, trip from Phoenix to Chambersburg, PA over the
Grand Canyon and Rockies, and Beech factory tour are life
highlights. I was blessed!

I will continue to fly (the 182 sitting in my hangar) from time to
time, but ownership is likely out. So.....

The following items are for sale:
1. Illustrated Parts Catalog (part #169-590012L, revised May 1977)
2. Shop Manual (part #169-590015G, revised September 1980)
3. home-made aluminum jack points
4. Lycoming Operator's Manual, 1989
5. Lycoming Flyer Key Reprints

If you are interested, please email me at

Dennis Ritz

UPDATED 4/12 by Rellihan:
The manuals and jack points I wrote about are sold.
My best,
Dennis Ritz