Nope! I'm not gonna stress over weather for this weekend.

The Beech Fly-In at Westfield, MA (BAF) is still on. As best I can
determine, the nasty weather will blow through Friday and the low will be
off the Maine coast by Saturday AM. Should be some varying ceilings but no
rain until later in the evening.

So, here's the way we are going to do this. I plan on being at Barnes
Municipal all day Saturday. If anyone can make it in we will have a con-fab
of some kind. If nobody makes it in.well, I've got stuff to do on our bird
anyway. And, hey, I just love hanging around airports.

If you are coming, pop me a reply here so I can set up for food. (Cook out
if temps are OK. If too cold, the Flight Deck Restaurant is still open;
against all odds. They're on a day to day schedule before the rug gets
yanked out from under them). If it's cold, and Ruth and Gina pull the plug
on the restaurant, we'll roll to something else in the area.

So let me know your intentions. You can call me at any (reasonable!!) time
on my cell (413-531-193 or at home (413-783-2446).

Besides.if you stay home all you are going to end up doing is your taxes.

Steve "Target To The Weather Gods" Cote

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