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Thread: Sport N6993R

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    Sport N6993R

    Hello out there.......
    I sold my Sport back in May of 2006 but for some reason, the new owner
    has not registered it and my name is still showing up as the registered
    owner. I sold it through a broker and I do not know the new owners
    name. The broker said that the new owner has moved and has no way to
    contact them.

    I hope that someone knows where N6993R is now and can get them a
    message ASAP. I have received a californai tax bill for the aircraft
    and if the new owner does not register it in the next 30 days, I am
    going to have it de-registered..

    Any help would be great.

    Jeff Bryant

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    Sport N6993R

    Here is exactly why you take your registration paperwork out of the plane aand fill in the form on the back. Check the box that says you sold the pplane. Put in the new owners name (or the brokers name, or Mickey Mouse/Donald Duck) and send it to the FAA. They will show it as "sale reported" until the new owner files his paperwork. This creates the paper trail needed to get off the Insurance Liability and Property Tax rolls.

    I wouldn't wait one more minute. After 11 months, it is clear that you are being scammed by the new owners. Contact the FAA in Oklahoma City and report it sold. If you have the new owners name (broker certainly has the paperwork, he has the sales contract, records of the money transfers, etc.). I'd say there are grounds for you to repossess your plane. Why not report it STOLEN? <G>

    Bob Steward
    Birmingham, AL

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    The paperwork is one reason to use a broker. I would put this back on the broker or ask for a refund on the sale commission.

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