I did the interior in my A23-24 last year, with Airtex parts and
supplies. We did it all, new floorboards, carpets, side panels, seats,
pulled the plastics, cleaned and repaired them, painted and reinstalled,
and we bought the supplies for the headliner but never did get around to

Some points to consider here:
- Since we were pulling everything, we added some insulation to the side
panels, we purchased this from Dodd as well, self adhesive, pretty easy
to install.
- The Airtex panels are EXACT match to the original ones. However, the
original ones are probably jammed into place, so there may be some
"adjusting" required. For example, on the door panel, the top of the
panel fits into a groove in the door itself. The panel slides in there
and it is only maybe 1/8 or 1/16 of an inch wide. The new panel will
have new batting, material, etc and may be 1/4 wide. You need to make
that 1/4 fit into a groove that is only 1/8 or 1/16. This is a very
high pain in the butt factor and will take hours to make it fit. The
panel is the exact size, but still you have some adjusting to do.
- Mark the screws you remove and where you removed them from. The new
panels do not have any screw holes marked in them, so remember that
BEFORE you remove the old ones!

Other items we did:
- Installed a new intercom (panel mount)
- resealed some of the windows

Doing it a little at a time is a good idea. But, access to some parts
will require taking a lot of stuff off, apart, etc. You may want to
start with easy access areas before tackling the major ones.

Braden Messenger,
Director - International Region
Beech Aero Club

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Was just wondering if any of you have done your own interior. I need
knew side pannels on my 66 super III. Airtex has the side panels at
about $900 & I would need to install them or have it done. What would
an outside(custom) shop likely charge? Seats, headliner & carpet look
ok. I just want to go a little at a time. Also, is there a backing
between rudder pedals & firewall?

Just New Owner Questions
Shannon Evans N5650S