The BAC/MM Fly-In at Westfield, MA (Barnes Municipal, BAF) is still on for

Plan on arrival at or after 10:00. I'll kick yawl* out before 15:00 before
weather thinks about moving in.

We think we have the Weather Gods so confused that they clobbered us
Thursday and Friday and plan a return on Sunday. But they forgot about

Try to give me a call if you're coming. 413-531-1938 is my cell. (Don't wig
out if you get a Voice Mail greeting that talks about EMS, CMED, Hospitals,
etc. I have everything forwarded into this phone. They outta pay me more to
be on duty all the time.l)

Steve "I think we got 'em beat" Cote

Northeast Regional Director

*Yawl: that's the New England version of y'all. 'Course we know that yawl is
a small boat.

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