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Thread: Musketeer Electrical Bus?

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    Musketeer Electrical Bus?

    <We have a very fragile electrical bus in our 1966 A23-24 Super III and need to replace it, since we "hold our breath" everytime we need to rewire anything to it. Anyone replaced theirs and, if so, recommendations requested?>

    Are you referring to the electrical connection between the various circuit breakers? Replacement with new material is the most reasonable option for legality and long service life. I've seen new CB panels made with modern layout (as opposed to the somewhat antique Beech layout of the 60's). A straightforward operation to remove the existing breakers under the passenger yoke and form a new sub-panel to hold the breakers. A suitable hole is cut in the instrument panel, and the new breaker panel is placed into the hole and secured with screws in the corners.

    There are several possible labeling methods, from the plastic engraved material used in office signs to less attractive Dymo labeler or Brother P-Touch labels. A really SLICK method is to LASER engrave the CB legends on the sub-panel and then backfill them with contrasting paint. Of course this doesn't allow much in the way of change for added equipment at a later date...

    All the information needed on wire sizes and such is in AC 43.13-1B Change 1, and AC 43.13-2A. Available on-line from the FAA or at the Government Printing Office. Also reprinted by ASA and Jeppesen and available through Aircraft Spruce and many other suppliers of aircraft books.

    Bob Steward, A&P IA
    Birmingham, AL

    Another option for panel labeling, and for covering unsightly areas and unused holes, is an engraved adhesive overlay by Aircraft Engravers. It is made of an almost paper-thin material, which does not stand out the way normal name-plate stock does. Their link is on the BAC website. They normally do rear engraving, so the front surface stays clean and the lettering never rubs off. You can view images in the Photo Gallery for Sierra N18767. - Rellihan

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    Musketeer Electrical Bus?

    I did this some years ago to a Cessna 170. It had six FUSES protecting everything electrical. I fabricated up a neat little aluminum panel and mounted - if I remember correctly - 12 miniature Klixon breakers.

    The FSDO inspector gave me a little grief about continued airworthiness: "How will you verify that the copper bus bars haven't corroded? What will your procedures be to clean them when they do?"

    So I fabricated the power busses out of SOLID SILVER, which is superior to copper in every way, including that the corrosion ("tarnish") is also conductive. That 170 is probably the only GA airplane in the world flying around with solid silver bus bars . Yes, it was silly, but much cheaper than the services of a DER.

    - Jerry Kaidor ( )

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