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Thread: 6 1/2 psi fuel pressure

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    6 1/2 psi fuel pressure

    I have a BE-19 Sport with a 160 hp O-320-E2C (Lycon STC). Overhaul
    was done about 100 hours ago. The mechanical fuel pump registers 6
    1/2 psi on the ground where the green zone is 0-5 psi (it drops as
    altitude increases). It has very slowly crept up over the last year.
    I asked my mechanic and he said it's not a big deal to have high fuel

    However, I have fuel pressure outside the green arc on the ground and
    I don't like it. What is involved in reducing the fuel pressure on
    the mechanical pump? Should I not worry about this? I have visions
    of fuel bursting a line which would probably not be a very *good*
    thing. Everything on my plane is 100% except for this nagging little

    Thanks for your comments.

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    6 1/2 psi fuel pressure

    Lycoming says 0.5-8.0 psi is the acceptable range for the engine. That
    Beech may have marked your gauge at less is something to inspect the POH and Service Manual for.

    Step One is to verify that the actual pressure is what the gauge says. A
    Calibrated Mechanical Gauge should be tee'd into the system, and the
    electric pump and the mechanical pump tried separately on the ground.

    You may just have a gauge that is failing after 30+ years. Air Parts of
    Lock Haven (PA) offers an OH service for the OEM gauges. They will test,
    repair and yellow tag your instrument. Takes about 1 week plus shipping.

    Bob Steward, A&P IA
    Birmingham, AL

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