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Thread: Rescheduled Mid-Atlantic Fly-In / Shatley Springs

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    Rescheduled Mid-Atlantic Fly-In / Shatley Springs

    The fly-in at KGEV has been rescheduled for Saturday April 28th. Plan to arrive by noon, and there will be transportation to Shatley Springs Inn.
    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments.

    Gary Boyce (304) 887-1180 or

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    Darn.. I'm signed up for a WINGS event at GSO. .. Let's hope for bad weather again so I can go when it's re-sked (HA HA)..

    Dr BILL

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    Reminder of the Mid Atlantic Fly-In this Saturday at KGEV. (West Jefferson, NC) Deb and I flew there today for breakfast. Great food. Nice people.

    Please respond to this thread if you plan to attend so I can arrange transportation for you. Shatley Springs is about 4 miles from the airport.

    Let's have a good turnout.


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    I hope to have 2 or 3 planes coming from 27K on Saturday, between 4 & 6 people. Will confirm with you later this week.


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    Hy Gary

    Svetlana and I are planning to be there this Sat. So far weather looks ok.

    Steve Nelson

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    Great, Steve - looking forward to meeting you both. My cell phone number and email addres are in a previous post. Contact me if you need anything.

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    Reminder everyone - Mid-Atlantic fly in tomorrow at KGEV. I plan to be there around 11:15 am. Any takers?

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    Ann and I are still planning on being there, but looks like we may the only 2 coming from 27K. Mechanical problems and health issues have caused the other potential attendees to have to cancel.

    We should be there around 11:30.


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    Well, Deb and I and Brad and Ann sure missed you all at Shatley Springs. The food and hospitality was excellent. Even got a guided tour of the local area.

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    Hi Gary,

    Svetlana and I were very upset to have to cancel today....our aera had 1500 foot clouds (would have filed IFR) but there was ice at 3500 and above, through most of Ohio and was predicted for most of the day! Hope to be able to get together soon and in better weather.

    Steve and Svetlana Nelson

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