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Thread: a23-24 insurance ( 6 seat dilemma)

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    a23-24 insurance ( 6 seat dilemma)

    I am shopping for insurance for my 1968 a23-24 . The prospective insurer is planning on writing it as a B-24 due to the fact it has the six seats can anyone here with an a23-24 give me some advice on insuring the a23-24 my current insurer has it down as a Beech 23 4 place airplane thanks Chas

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    Do you seriously need the 5th and 6th seats? If not, I would just take them out. You'll pay additional insurance premiums on a 6 seater, and if they write it as a B-24, are they considering it a Retractable? That will cost as well. Have you spoken with Aircraft and Marine Assurance? They offer discounts to BAC Members, and they know our planes. I have had my A23-24 insured with them for 4 years.

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    A23-24 insurance (6 seat dilemma)

    Do you actually have all 6 six seats? I have only 4 in mine and am only charged for 4 even though it had the 6 seat option. I'm with Aircraft Marine and Assurance through the BAC.
    I chewed through my restraints for this?

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    If the aircraft was built and is certified with six seats it's a six seater, you're generally stuck with it. Most insurers are pretty inflexible on this. You would need to make it a legal 4-seater - generally with a 337. An interesting tack would be to run it by the insurer and the FSDO to see if you could get a 337 approved that included an ammendment to the aircraft limitations reducing it to 4 pax if that would do the trick.

    The only out is to try to negotiate some reduction relative to the B24 as it's a fixed gear as well as shop all the underwriters (realizing there's only 4-6 really).

    Other option is the six seat supers are fairly rare - somebody was nosing around IPilot looking for one last fall - you could take the six and eat the insurance and shop around for someone looking to "swap up".

    If the six seater has the pilots side door - call me - and I'll trade up/barter out of SuperMouse (66 A23-24 w/4 pax). I'd eat the insurance for that 2nd door, not joking.

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    A23-24 insurance (6 seat dilema)

    I really do have the 6 seat option complete with footwell. The truth is the rear seat is not there, not for me or the previous owner. I told the insurance company this, and the agent accepted it with no question. I only have 4 seats in the plane. Now, they didn't say this, but it is a given that if I were to find and reinstall the rear bench and use it, I bet I wouldn't be covered. So if you still have the 5th and 6th seat bench, remove it (don't forget the weight and balance) and tell them that you only have 4 seats installed at any time. Either that or pay for a 6 seat premium.
    I chewed through my restraints for this?

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    my 6 seat sierra is insured as a 4 seat plane with AIG. I asked about if I reinstall my 5/6 seats and was quoted 10% additional if I did reinstall the last row of seats.
    For reference - 97K hull value. 1 million no seat limits cost me about 1600/ year.

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    You guys have got it good!!
    In Oz, it is a requirement of a lot of airfield operators that if you want to land there you must have a minimum of 10m liability cover. That is about 2.4k on it's own. Hull cover is around 3% for a retract (closer to half that for a fixed). That makes an annual insurance cost of 5k.
    A local flight school wanted to use mine for a fixed 45 hour block for commercial training and it was all set to happen until the insurer asked for an EXTRA 4.2k to cover the 45hrs.

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