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Thread: BAC Fullerton Fly-In....Southern California

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    BAC Fullerton Fly-In....Southern California

    I will be attending the Southern California Fly-in arriving in Friday, departing Sunday. I will have the Southwest banner with me.

    Who else is going and what days so Jeanne can get an idea for planning?

    Dan Jonas, Southwest RD

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    I'm going to try to come but schedule is still up in the air. Actually, based at FUL, so transportation should be less of an issue...

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    Hi all, I am planning on attending Saturday. The wings class on flying in LA sounds good. Flying in LA is always an adventure for me still! See you all soon!
    Rich Kutzner

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    Places to stay in Fullerton

    I have had feedback about people wanting to know where to stay. If a group of you want to stay at the same place for convenience and fellowship, I will look for a recommendation. Looking forward to meeting new folks!

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    If I can get 12 or more to commit to dinner on Saturday Night, I can make reservations at the Knott's Berry Farm Chicken Dinner Resauraunt.

    So far I have

    Dan Jonas
    Steve Frieson
    Rich Kutzner
    Jeff Gurnee (my husband)
    Conway & Wife

    Skip MacLean
    Dennis McGoldrick

    Anyone bringing anyone else and is anyone else planning on comming?

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    I will be there. Pam cannot make it this trip. We have a new baby dog, and decorating for the nephew's graduation from college.

    I booked at the Radisson Anaheim Maingate, which was the wrong one Radisson, but it is not that far from the airport (about 6 miles). I thought I was booking at the one on Beach Blvd... kind of appropriate for a Beech fly-in, but oh well, I booked the wrong one. There is a cancellation charge, so Iím staying put.

    Anyway, I look forward to seeing ya'll There!

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    Count me in for dinner (1 person). My understanding is without a reservation we would have to wait to be seated and that can be long?

    Dan Jonas

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    Yes Dan, I have a back-up plan, but it requires a longer drive and I wasn't sure how many would need rides to and from. It is a place called Buster's Beach House, on the water and they have a 3 person band called FLYER that plays starting around 8:30pm. They have been playing there 20+ years. Food is good and reasonable.

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    I will have a rental car while I am there and will do whatever you need to help with transportation other tasks. I'm there to help you make this work as well as possible.

    Dan Jonas

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