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Thread: Transporting item question

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    Transporting item question

    CCW laws and reciprocity vary in every state. The NRA has a book about
    that. But, in general, if you carry the gun unloaded and in a locked
    container out of reach (in the trunk if so equipped), then you are OK.
    This usually applies to ground transportation though. If you are going
    to NYC or Chicago, all bets are off, those lawmakers are completely
    nuts. Ammunition generally has to be elsewhere. In other words, you
    have to be completely disarmed so there is no way to take advantage of
    your 2nd amendment rights to keep and bear arms. What part of "shall
    not be infringed" did they not understand?


    Final thought, if you are really worried, contact the State Police or
    Highway Patrol in the other State and ask them. But, in the air, you
    only have Federal law to worry about, and there is not much pertaining
    to general aviation.

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    Usually good info. But I usually live by the rule of Never leave home without it.

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    Clearly Australia is worlds apart from you guys. I don't even KNOW anybody that owns a gun!!!!
    Heck, here you need a good reason to own a Swiss Army Knife!

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    transporting item question

    Yeah, our government is steering us that way through "education" and heavy media influence. We see what happened down under and shudder. I better stop with politics now before I get kicked out.

    In the aviation world, now we see what happened to Europe with user fees and again, shudder.

    Back to Thomas Jefferson: "The price of liberty is eternal vigilance." He had other liberties than aviation in mind though.
    I chewed through my restraints for this?

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    I was reading through the Alaska Airmans Association pilots Log that I got when I signed up for the many clubs associations ect. when I bought my musketeer. I guess it is Alaska State Law that you carry a firearm in your plane as part of your survival kit.

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    Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

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