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Thread: Come Join Us For The Mid May Fly In

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    Come Join Us For The Mid May Fly In

    This Weekend! Mid-May Fly-In, May 12th.

    It appears we will have two planes come in on Friday and do some tourist things. I have some info below for all. Tourist season in the Hills starts 15 May and all rates go up. Agenda so far:

    11 May - Some arrivals give me a call or let me know your ETA, someone will be there to help.

    12 May - Saturday Arrivals in morning flight discussion and safety brief

    Rushmore flight 45 minutes
    Devils tower flight 1.7 hours
    Lunch Burger burn and brats/dogs at my house

    Dinner at Ruby House Keystone (on the way to Mt. Rushmore) 1830-1900
    Lighting ceremony Mt. Rushmore starts at dusk (2030-2100) and goes to 2230.
    Back to hotels, bars, whatever on your own.
    13 May - Departure Let me know, I will see you off.


    I have talked to a couple of hotels found out the tourist rates go into effect on the 15th of May, the Rapid City gouge syndrome sets in, fuel prices will also rise on a daily basis after the 15th.

    There is a lot to do in the area, even though the season does not start until a week before Memorial Day. If you are planning to bring your family and do not want to use a water park built into your hotel I would stay at the Quality Inn, La Cross St. Rapid City 2 Queen Beds smoking or not, $79.99 + tax per night for two nights. If the water park (it is nice) is a must for the family while we talk, tell stories and fly, then I would stay at the La Quinta, I-90 at exit 61. La Quinta and Marriot have put a water park connected and between the two hotels. The Holiday Inn Express is located with a set of hotels and the AAA/AARP rate is $89.99 plus tax, ($10) off the regular none season rate.

    La Quinta 605-718-7000 ( - $89.99 + tax for 2 queens/night

    Quality Inn 1-800-214-2017 or 605-342-3322 - $79.99 + tax for 2 queens/night

    Holiday Inn Express 1-888-777-4465 - $99.95 ($89.95 AAA) + tax for 2 queens/night

    Avis Rental and all the rental companies are at the terminal, WestJet or I can give you a ride or they will leave a rental for you to sign for at WestJet. All are about the same, AVIS helped out two years ago at the fly-in.

    Bill Franklin
    Home 605-721-1571
    Cell 605-484-2685

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    I'm considering flying up for the day on Saturday. What's the proposed times for the Rushmore / Devil's tower flights? I'll probably skip those, but would like to be around for lunch. If the Rushmore thing is in the afternoon after lunch, I could go there, and then peel off back to Denver...

    Mike Ferguson

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    Hope to see a lot of BACers there this weekend.

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