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Thread: cabin width

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    cabin width

    The A23 is 42 inches. I think the Sundowner is 44, but I am not sure.
    Willis, A23 N8886M

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    can someone tell me what the cabin width of an a23 is. thank you

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    The pre-1970 Model 19, 23, 23-24, and 24R all have a cabin width of 42 inches at the shoulder; the same as all of the Model 33, 35, 36, 55, and 58 Debonairs, Bonanzas, and Barons. Some books show the number at 41.5", but in my experience 42" is correct. The 1970 and up 19/23, 23-24, 24R, and the model 76 airframes, all have a cabin width of 44"; two inches wider than their Beech stable-mates.

    The widening begins at the lower door sill, and tapers outward to its widest point at about shoulder height, then curves back inward again. It is most noticeable when you see the pre- and post-1970 airframes side-by-side.

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    There should be no pre 1970 model 76. I think the production years were 1978 - 1982? They must all be at 44"

    Dan Jonas

    That's why I had separated the Duchess with the comma 'and Duchess', but I can see how it could easily be mis-read. I have edited the original post to prevent confusion. There are indeed no 'skinny Duchesses'!

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    Are you calling the Duchess a "wide body?" I'd think she would be insulted!

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    I don't know about that. Fergie is looking pretty good, since she's been with Weight Watchers.

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    Wide Body

    I think she is just wide enough. I had a guy in the right seat yesterday who is 240, 6'4" and it was not a problem. I had two adults in the back too.

    Dan Jonas

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    Certainly a far better fit than a Baron. Especially the getting in and out. Now if you just had an STC for IO360s....

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