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Thread: Temporarily grounded

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    Temporarily grounded

    Just wanted to let you guys know that I am temporarily Medical.

    I passed my FAA physical with John Alifano but he needs a letter from my
    attending physician that my BP, ECG and potassium levels are OK. As of
    Tuesday my Medical went phfft! And my doc has still not provided the letter.

    Needless to say, I am ticked off. It's time for a new doctor. I went through
    this with her the last time and almost went over the deadline. This time I
    got my annual physical in early March and reminded her strongly that I would
    need a note. Almost a month later and nothing.

    So, now, when/if that letter arrives, I will have to pay another $125 for
    another, extraneous, FAA exam. Don't blame Alifano, this is how he makes his
    living, he can't hold the application longer than he has, and he is using
    the facilities of the practice he works for.

    This is, I guess, a cautionary tale of how we have to be aggressively
    pro-active when dealing with "groundlings" to preserve our flying


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    Our medicals could be

    Is there some magic in the roll of AME?

    Those of us, who on occasion go to a our own private physician, have to bring a letter on any medications that physician prescribed, with us to the AME. That letter has to say the medication is working.

    That means two doctors are involved in many physicals like mine (and Steve Cote's).

    I get a second class physical every two years and see Doctor "H".

    I see my own doctor "S" for a physical every year. She does blood and the greasy finger, etc.

    She has the best knowledge of my health.


    Won't they tell the truth?

    Tom Corcoran

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