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Thread: Northwest get together?

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    Northwest get together?

    Some friends and I are heading to Nehalem Bay 3S7 on the Oregon coast for a fly-in camping trip on 06-01-07. If anyone is interested there is primitive camping at the airstrip and it is within walking distance of the beach. Beautiful paved 2300'airstrip with approach over water. Should be a good time. Come for the day or camp overnight.

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    Sounds like fun, if the weather cooperates I will fly in for the day from the East side.

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    Post It

    You still have enough time to put this in the BAC Fly-in calendar if you have not already and then it counts as a BAC event.

    Dan Jonas

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    I'm looking into it and talking to the wife. That might be fun! We'd fly in from the Boise area for that weather permitting.

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    I forgot to mention that the airstrip is part of a RV park, so there are great facilities for showers and such. My wife is driving with our travel trailer also. We will have a grill and other ground supprot along with a vehicle in case we need to run to the store for some refreshments.

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    Weather permitting, we're planning for it now. My wife is quite keen on the idea. As long as they isn't any IFR weather on the coast that weekend, we're on it. Would probably be out there the afternoon of the 1st.

    Ran a flight plan last night!

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    Nehelam Bay

    Hey, can a Brand-C driver drop in?

    I like quality over quantity, as long as there's enough of it.

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    Yes, This all depends on weather, it can be socked in when everywhere else is clear.
    Bill, of course you are welcome!

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    Manzanita - cool spot!

    Hi Glen -

    Well, I wondered if you had to own a Baby Beech - or could ANY old Riff-Raff show up?

    Are you staying Friday Night thru Saturday afternoon?

    We fly ALMOST that far 10 times a year - to Newburg - Sportsman (2S6,) as you know.

    Also, it's almost Ann & my 10th Anniversary - we honeymooned at Manzanita, and had to drive down and take a look at the strip - promised we'd fly in some day.

    Definitely was COLD and foggy end of June, 1997.

    Right after we got Carrie, we flew into Seaside (56S) via 1,000 agl down the Columbia - a good way to reach the coast.

    I like quality over quantity, as long as there's enough of it.

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    With all the nice weather we have been having lately I am really hoping we can make it. I will be there either way, with or with out the plane as we are camping for the weekend. I guess me and my wife will have to flip a coin to see who flys and who drives. Hope to see you there.

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