This morning I thought I'd cruise the RAPID website to see what, if any,
changes have been wrought by "Hawker Beechcraft".

One good thing is that RAPID is much less buried than it was at
Raytheon. The parts search screen is just one level below the main
Hawker Beechcraft page.

So I looked for a few common wear parts....

The nitty gritty hasn't changed. A Sundowner muffler is 988.89,
available in August. That's a few hundred more than aircraft-, but not excessive.

A gas cap adaptor ( piece of stamped steel ) lists at $1400! Ick.

A carb heat box has no price: "$CALL".

A carb heat weld assembly ( the "box" part of the carb heat box )
is $406... about the same as Raytheon wanted.

One change is that many ( most? All? ) parts have a checkbox that you
click saying "This is a special order part, not returnable".

After looking up five or six parts, the system "died" and returned
a status of - "no parts, no price, $call for info" for every p/n
I entered.

A better change is that now you can sign up for an account to have
service bulletins etc emailed to you. Hopefully the "etc" does not
involve too much spam.

- Jerry Kaidor