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Thread: June 2 - Lunch in LA (Lower Alabama)

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    June 2 - Lunch in LA (Lower Alabama)

    Went to Lulus in Gulf Shores, AL for lunch yesterday, and my wife (an experienced fried shrimp taster) declared it best she has had in a long time.

    Therefore, I propose a June 2 lunch flyin at Jack Edwards Airport (JKA) in Gulf Shores. Lulus restaurant is about 1/4 mile + from FBO, but transportation may be a problem, so I'll have some method arranged for Sat. June 2, if I can get a reading on how many are coming. Lulus is crowded after Memorial Day, so suggest an 11:00 (central time) target arrival time at the restaurant to try to beat the crowds and get best seating. If I know number coming, I have arranged to call Lulus night before and they'll try to get us all together, but it's still first come - first served.

    Tom Kinstler
    Springville, AL

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    I'll be there for the week with a vehicle then if we need it.

    Mike Earrey

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    Posted on the calendar and Southeast region thread updated. Mark me down.


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    Live in Pensacola FL for the summer. Then head to Maine for the winter. I know, I must be confused.

    Lunch in LA

    Put me down fer two.

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    Put me down and I'll try to bring some members of the OMFC (Old Men's Flying Club) from 1L0.

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    I live just north of Mobile. Iam looking for someone to due an Annual Inspection for me? Please send me a reply to
    thanks Trae McElwaney

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    wanted to bring this back to the top... hopefully the weather will stay clear for a great meal and fun gathering...


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    Orbiting Earth Left the Solar System
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    Just outside Nawlins
    Are we still shooting for 11 am show up?

    I'm not sure if I'll make it but wanted to know the current plan.

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    Yall have fun, Wish I could make it. I was born and raised in Mobile but somehow have found myself stuck up here in Oregon. Hope to move back down there after retirement but not sure if wifey would agree.

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    Plan on two more for lunch. Weather allowing, Becky and I plan on getting to the airport there in Gulf Shores around 10:30. Save some shrimp for us (boiled shrimp, fried shrimp, shrimp scampi.........)

    Gene McPherson
    Sierra N6008U

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