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Thread: 5th annual FFC fly-in and Aircraft Spruce East Super Sale

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    5th annual FFC fly-in and Aircraft Spruce East Super Sale

    The 5th annual Spring Falcon Field fly-in will occur this Saturday (19th) at FFC - Peachtree City. When you arrive please park to the right of the FBO along the fence line. We want to get all our planes together for some great pictures. Aircraft Spruce will be giving away many great prizes, many vendors will be on sight and grilled hot dogs will be tossing off the grill to your mouth for free the entire day. FFC has agreed to another fuel discount this year for us. If you buy fuel please identify yourself as a BAC member for the $.20 (20 cent) discount per gallon.

    I will be bringing my vehicle for ferrying to Spruce (plane is coming also to leave for annual and avionics work with Gardner) Look forward to seeing all those old friends and making new friends.

    SE Director

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    Hope to see many many planes arriving between 10am and 2pm tomorrow for the big Super Sale. I will be listening on the handheld but if for some reason you can't find any BAC members we are probably spending money, winning prizes, and eating hotdogs. Just call my cell at 706-317-3227 and I will swing by to pick you up.

    Look for the banner on the fence to know where to park.


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    Doug - We are at Myrtle Beach this week. Can't pry Deb off the beach, but as of now I will leave here early and arrive around 10:30 +-. Who else is coming???

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    I know Mike and some new members will be arriving. I will be there welcoming all. Since we don't need reservations anywhere, everyone can show up any time. We had 8 planes last year and I think 20 is the record. Hope the weather will be perfect across the South to get everyone out to earn some PT points.

    For those that show up, make sure you email me or Cloyd your TO miles for PT points.


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    Doug - sorry, I decided not to go and leave Deb alone with the dogs on last day of vacation. Maybe next year, or another fly-in soon.


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    We had fun at Falcon Field. Met some new members. Absolutely perfect weather, for the first time I can even remember. Oz had no excuses this time. He must be embarassed about selling his Sundowner. I think we had seven planes at one point, including four Sierras, but I could be off by one. Did some damage on the Spruce hot dogs, chips, drinks, and muffins. Skye helped, with his Mom's sleight of hand. He earned his treats, though, with regular performances.

    Made up for the chow devastation by buying a new Halon fire extinguisher for Sunny B. The old one still shows good pressure, but it only feels about half full. $200+ for the larger of these puppies, now.

    Spruce is now carrying the Aeroshell 33 Lithium-based multi-purpose grease.

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    Even with the perfect weather, the fear of spending money at Spruce must have kept some away. The airport was buzzing. They were parking on the grass for a while. Fun chance for practice when ATL handed you off and told you there are 10 targets ahead.

    We had four C24s, two C23s, and one A24 present. They were as follows:
    Jim Sheridan - new member based out of PDK
    John Zinkus - long distance winner from Virginia out of HEF
    Tom Kinstler - out of GAD (Tom got to see his alumni spend some money on nice jet parked at FFC)
    Monty Spencer - newest A & (working on the P) out of 34A
    Mike Rellihan - out of 34A
    Charlie Gregory - out of the GA mountains at 46A
    me - from CSG

    We had wives, children, dogs, and more for the event. I think everyone felt their wallet get smaller with their useful load getting heaver today.

    Glad to see everyone.

    Thanks for managing it, Doug! We appreciated not having to wait for the AS&S Shuttle, and having the Muse Shuttle instead!

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