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Thread: Different Engine

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    Different Engine

    Several of us are looking at a Musketeer and an interesting question
    has come to mind. According to the FAA Registry, this airplane was
    certified with a Continental IO-360 SER. The plane has an IO-346A.
    What flags should we be looking for?


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    The online FAA registry is odd on a lot of these planes, I think there's some sort of glitch or odd entry on the engine type. If you look at the TCDS they were an IO-346-A, the only Continental ever put in any of the Mice.

    These are actually a nice engine but a bit of an orphan. Cylinders and minor parts are available but cranks, cams and cases are only available as used. These engines were _only_ ever used in these Mice, so there weren't a lot of them. For some reason they seem to have been popular in certain auto race segments. You see one for sale on e-bay and other places every now and then but most are worn well beyond limits for legal use in an airplane.

    I believe there have been some engine changes done, typically to one of the 160hp Lycomings, over the years. But current guidelines I think require engine changes to go through the STC process and not a major alteration.

    An IO-346 owner could offer more current and specific advice than me.

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    Different Engine

    I'm sure it is a typo. A Continental 360 is a 6 cylinder, and was NEVER
    put in any Musketeer series.

    If it is an A23 or an A23A, then it came with an IO-346A, 4 cylinder
    Continental with fuel injection.

    Bob Steward, A&P IA
    Birmingham, AL

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    Different Engine

    Some models were certified with the IO360 Lycoming, some with the O360 Lycoming and some with the O320 Lycoming. The A23 model built in 1964 and 1965 was certified with the IO346 Continental. It is a good engine, but only 1,000 were manufactured and about 600 were sold with the Musketeer. Some parts interchange with the IO520 and are available, some were unique and are difficult to find on the used market, not available new.
    Willis, N8886M

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    It was a long time ago but I believe that the FAA registry had the wrong engine type for the Duchess. I recall calling them up on the phone and informing them of the error and they corrected it (well almost - it is now O&VO-360 - the V should be an L but close enough).

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    Hmm, SuperMouse is listed with a Lycoming "IO360 SER" - I wonder if the SER is a code for unknown or multiple suffixes (the Supers were certified with 4 different engines and 4 props). I'm pretty sure the FAA registry just has the engine model by aircraft model and not the actual engine (as this doesn't appear on the registration or title records the FAA has no way of knowing per-aircraft).

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