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Thread: [inbox] Altimeter overlay?

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    [inbox] Altimeter overlay?

    Hi RJF - there is no difference in any aviation measurements in Canada - we
    have metric but not in the
    aviation world - ft are in ft, US gal in US gal and Kt 's in Kt's. If you
    need any information crossing the
    border be glad to assist - only need a passport and advance notice just as
    it is for us going to the US. Also look at the COPA website at for more information.

    Ed Fitchett

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    > I'm thinking about attending the air expo in Canada this year. I've
    > never crossed the border in my mouse and while I've read a bunch on
    > AOPA's page, the only thing that bothers me is the whole Kilometers vs.
    > feet thing. I could envision getting behind the airplane while punching
    > a calculator, particluarly if it's a rough IFR flight. My altimeter is
    > calibrated in feet. Does anyone know of an overlay for my altimeter
    > that can stick on for immediate reference, or is it best to just right
    > down the IFR altitudes I might fly with the conversions and keep them
    > handy. Does anyone have experience with this? Words of wisdom would be
    > appreciated.
    > regards,
    > RJF
    > N8052R
    > A24R

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    You live up there in the Great White North, so you would know, but the last time I flew in Canada (BC and Yukon) gas was sold by the liter.

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    [inbox] Altimeter overlay?

    Ed's Correct, but you may want to be familiar with the conversion from
    US Gal to Liters, since fuel is dispensed via Liters, at least at the
    airports I've been at in Western Ontario. If you always fill it up the
    conversion won't matter - just pay the bill!!!


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