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Thread: Must See Beechraft Videos!

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    Must See Beechraft Videos!

    Here's one to use to talk your wife into buying/keeping that Beech!

    Michael Amerlan

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    I worked in advertising at one stage and all i have to say is .."it must have been one hell of a long lunch that came up with that one....."
    Looked pretty but not sure who the target marketplace was....People who can afford multi million dollar aeroplanes tend not to be the types that are swayed by pretty girls, soft music and sunsets..More like whats the bottom line..How can this aircraft help me make more money and what will it cost me.....
    Then again it did tempt me to call my local Beech agent and see what the changeover would be on a 67 Super Custom....I wonder if they would throw in mud flaps and a CD player!!!!!!

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    The best Musketeer movie is "It Came From the Sky." Christopher Lloyd and his girlfriend, Yasmine Bleeth, go for a ride in Lloyd's Musketeer, and it crashes into John Ritter and JoBeth Williams' house. They survive, of course, and go on to save Ritter and Williams' marriage. So, if you have wife issues, you can show how crashing a Musketeer can save a marriage.

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