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Thread: black mac 3 blade

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    black mac 3 blade

    I recently bought a Mc Cauley 3 blade scimitar propeller and can't get the cowling on and fastened,it hit the propeller bulkhead. Has anyone had this problem with the 1980 sierra c24r? It has been suggested to bulkhead forward of the retainer ring instead of behind.McCauley has no answers and said its a airframe problem.The Hartzell 2 blade had about 3/4 of inch clearance. looking for a fix. Thank You

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    W have several members who have recently made the switch to the McCauley, and none have reported this problem (so far). Can you take a photo and either email it to me or post it? It is possible that you have sagging engine mount cushions, or something like that. I'd like to see what the interference actually looks like.

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    I have '78 Sierra and the fit was a lot tighter with the Black Mac than it was with the Hartzel but it does clear and seems to work fine. Good luck!


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    I agree with Mike. A good photo would help. I have a '77 Sierra and swapped to the 3 blade early in the year. The fit was a little tighter but no issues. The installer should have checked everything for fit before the final install. If you can send Mike some pictures, we can compare the fit as I am close enough to Mike for review.


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    Quote Originally Posted by musesierra
    If you can send Mike some pictures, we can compare the fit as I am close enough to Mike for review.
    Mike & Doug-

    I just noticed that this topic was submittted by a 'Guest.' Will the 'Guest' even see our replies to the initial post?


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    If memory serves, before I cleaned up the post, it came in via BAC-Mail. I thought you had to be a BAC member to register for BAC Mail. We get a number of Guest posts because someone has not logged in. I'm sure there is some reason why we allow that; perhaps so prospective members can make an initial contact.

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    Actually this came in through Musketeer Mail and the Original Poster will not see the responses unless they are a member and log in. You can tell where it is by the title at the top of the post
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    Dave B

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    Reason 1001 to join BAC: can see responses from many members.


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