Hello to all Northeast Region BAC'ers, MM'ers, and any one who wants to fly
on Saturday,

John Woods sent me an update last night. C'mon over to KMGJ and join the
fun. We won't be the stars there, but we have a place. And, what the heck,
it's a good excuse to fly and hang out together. (Not like those kids you
see standing around on a street corner, we pilots are different.we spend a
whole lot of money to stand around and gab.)

Attached is Johns note. Contact either of us for details or check the
calendar on BAC.

I've got the banner.who's got the hot air to keep fog away from my field?

Steve Cote

Northeast Reg Dir.


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Hey Steve,

Heard from 2 CT BACers planning on attending, Ken Cook & Ross Cole. I think
I see a pattern here: all names begin with C, all 4 letters, all from NE -
even you! Weather gods seem to be smiling: CAVU skies, High 70s with a
breeze right down RWY 21. OK now I've probably jinxed it! I'm going to
update the BAC post tomorrow to bring it back to the current listing.

There was a OCPA meeting last night. We have 5 spots in the static area
(main ramp) but parking there is subject to insurance restrictions, ie. must
be in place by 8:30 and can't leave before 3:30. Guess they don't want
any props stiking heads! Should have some visitors cause we'll be adjacent
to a King Air and L39 Albatross. My Sundowner will be there. I think Roger
Gibboni will have his Sierra there (pretty bird!) and Barry LaPierre (not in
BAC but will be by cob Sat, I'm sure) will have his A23 Mouse there. Not
sure if the Great Pumpkin - a Sierra painted in the colors of the Italian
flag will be there, I think it's undergoing annual. The airport manager
wasn't at the meeting so I wasn't able to confirm that TXWY C will be closed
but it usually is for events. My hangar and Roger's will be empty so I'm
gonna try and finagle some parking nearby perhaps by the Cirrus shop or
along TXWY C.

Also found out last night that they'll be flying Young Eagles and they're
short of planes and pilots. Go figure - I did mention that they're
Pinheads, didn't I? I'll supply the ice and coolers and maybe even a chair
or 3 for the old folks . Don't have a timeline for individual events but
it's an all day affair. As far as the "tricky bits" go I'll put them in the
post update. Basically from the east watch out for the class D around POK &
SWF as well as the RJs and C5 that use SWF. NOTAMS need to be checked for
West Point Restricted airspace - could be active. Contacting NY approach is
always a good idea around here especially when there is skydiving at
Gardiner. From the west got to be carefull of glider traffic near Wurstboro
and Randall has hot air ballons and ultralights in addition to the gliders.
Last but not least let's not forget just plain STOOPID pilots - those folks
that don't check NOTAMS for SnF & AirVent that you mentioned.

Getting close to 2 am and I don't want to pull a "Rellihan" so I'm just
gonna hit send now and update BAC in the morining.

cya on Sat,


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