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Thread: intercom shopping

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    intercom shopping

    From Michael N4781J via BAC-Mail on 6/11:
    I'm redoing the center console fabric on my A23-19; and while I'm at it, would like to upgrade to a panel mount intercom on the console. Would like to know if the PS is the best choice or if there is a better bang for the buck. Also, any comments on audio quality of the available
    panel mounts would be appreciated. Thx.

    I've installed several, and several brands. They all seem to do a
    good job. The only customer service I've had to call was Sigtronics
    for a tech question. They were very helpful. Otherwise, go ahead
    and get the stereo intercom and put in an entertainment input. Its
    very nice, on long crosscountry flights to have the iPod handy.
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    The music input works great with the XMRadio output from a Garmin 396 Too!

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