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Thread: Travel Plans

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    Travel Plans

    The Duchess is going to get a good work-out over the next 10 days. I'm off tomorrow for Salt Lake City and a meeting with Chris Linderman. Hopefully I will have a place to stay and spend a nice evening with he and Lee Anne.

    On Friday I'm off to meet some soon to be new BAC friends at Holdrege, Nebraska and enjoy visiting that town during their Swedish Days.

    After that....I'll update this thread as the plans unfold.

    Dan Jonas

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    Dan, I look forward to meeting you at Holdrege.

    Dave B

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    Dan J. blasted off from Salt Lake this morning around 9:30. We had a good meeting about BAC Fest 2008 and put some nice preliminary plans together. The west coast shindig next year is gonna be great!

    Safe travels, Dan and I hope your back improves!

    Chris L.

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    Travel Plans

    I had a great time in Holdrege, Nebraska. I'll post more about that in that thread.

    Thanks again to Chris and Lee Ann Linderman for putting me up for the night and the nice dinner. Also for nursing me along with my back problem. At least that is starting to get a little better, but will still need a few more days I fear.

    3 hours 18 minutes from Napa to Salt Lake City. 3 hours 56 minutes from Salt Lake to Holdrege. Bumpy most of the way flying at 11,500 up to 13,500.

    I flew on to Manhattan, Kansas after the Holdrege event. Just hanging out here trying to figure out where to go next. I think the BAC fly-in associated with the Front Range Airshow might be a good choice and the weather is looking good for a flight in that direction along about Thursday.

    More later.

    Dan Jonas

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    The stay in Kansas was great. I got to catch up with my daughter and we also did a little side trip over to the eastern edge of Kansas for dinner one evening.

    I flew on to Front Range yesterday. IFR departure out of Manhattan, but otherwise a nice easy and smooth ride.

    I spent the day today at the Front Range airshow and met members Michael Ferguson and Gary Drussell. Mike has the best hanger I've ever laid eyes on. Most of us could live in it. Gary has been flying for a few years and is putting lots of time on his Sierra. I also had the opportunity to spend some time with another online friend, so great day all around.

    I'm off in the morning to Ellsworth Air Force Base. South Dakota Thunder here I come. The original plan was to fly up there this evening, but the weather around here migh make that a challenge. So I will be off with the sunrise in the morning.

    This has been a great trip so far, except for the early on back problems. Those seem to have subsided mostly for now.

    Dan Jonas

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    I'm envious (yeah, it's a sin but I'm handling it) of the free time to fly, Dan. Safe travels!

    Steve Frieson

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    Travel Plans

    I made it home yesterday afternoon. Rapid City, SD to Napa, CA in 7 hours 30 minutes flight time. Stopped in Elko, NV for fuel and a late breakfast. Moderate headwinds for the first leg and between 30 and 50 knot headwinds for the last leg. Really windy, really turbulent.

    The Ellsworth Fly-in was great fun. Got to get inside a B1 bomber and also flew the B1 simulator. The landing was on the longest runway I've ever landed on. You could do 3 night landings to a full stop on one pass and be night current.

    Dan Jonas

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