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Thread: Holdrege Fly In - Wrap Up

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    Holdrege Fly In - Wrap Up

    A beautiful day, great people, great food and a real good time. If I had to wrap up our Holdrege Fly In in a few words, that would be them. Dan and Kim Powers were fabulous hosts and they were joined by Joyce Parker ( a new Nebraska Member), Dan Jonas (who flew his Dutchess from California just to see the parade), Dave Buttram and his wife Dusty and daughter Brandy. We went into town, watched the parade, visited some of the festivities associated withj Swedish Days and then returned to the airport for some wonderful BBQ brisket and airplane talk. We will probably make this an annual event.

    Thanks much to Dan and Kim Powers for being such gracious hosts. Pictures will be posted when I get them off the camera

    It was great to meet everyone in person for the first time. I look forward to seeing them and others at future events.

    Dave B.

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    Ditto!!! all that Dave said.

    I had the BEST TIME EVER meeting Dave B, Dusty and Brandy; "California Dan " with his beautiful Duchess, Kim and Dan Powers, Dan's sister, and their darling boys, Brandon and Carver, and "little baby boy", and Gary and his son, Blake. I couldn't have spent a finer Saturday than I spent today! And the flights there and back were great: reminded me of just why I love the sky so much .

    I thoroughly enjoyed meeting each and everyone of you and can hardly wait til we meet again!!! Looking forward to hosting an Omaha Fly-In hopefully in the not-too-distant future. Thanks again, all, for a WONDERFUL day!!!


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    I can't say enough regarding the hospitality from Dan P. and frankly, everyone from that area who I had the pleasure of meeting.

    I flew in on Friday afternoon and and hung out with a few great airport people while Dan P. came to get me. Dan let me use his airport car for the next 24 hours and we shared a nice steak dinner at a place called the Speakeasy Friday evening.

    Saturday was great and what a great town Holdrege is. Enjoyed the parade, bed races and just the company of so many local people.

    It was nice to meet Dave B. his wife and daughter, Joyce, and Dan P. and his whole family. There were other pilots who flew in various aircraft including a King Air 200 which was open for people to get inside.

    I know this is a type club, but fundamentally, the great joy at the fly-ins are the opportunities to make new friends. I can't remember all the names, but Roger was the first one I met at the airport, then Lanny, Delbert, and many more. Thank you to Lanny for coming out on Sunday to get the fuel working.

    Thanks again Dan P. for putting on the event and sharing so much of your community with us.

    Dan Jonas

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    Thank You!

    Thank you Joyce, Dave and family and Dan J. I had a blast on Sat. I got lots of comments about how nice it was to see something going on at the Holdrege airport and how neat it was to see the BAC club planes out here.

    The BAC club will aways be welcome here and I hope we can do it again next year!

    Dan Powers

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