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Thread: Seat belts

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    Seat belts

    Hi folks,

    Recently, I've been flying around with some people that aren't of the
    standard Beechcraft size. One lady riding in the front had about 6
    inches between her and the shoulder belt. I could move her forward a
    little; but, her legs would be uncomfortable with the rudder pedals.
    Until recently, I've never flown with a guy in the back seat. He had
    maybe a 34" waist and couldn't get the belt around him.

    Has anyone experienced similar problems? Any thoughts on solutions?
    I've seen seatbelt extenders on line and noted that they aren't
    standardized configurations. Does anyone know which one's would work
    with our belts? Would this need FAA paperwork?

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    when I had mine re-webbed I asked the seatbelt shop to add some extra length to the male (non-buckle side) side so the shoulder harness would still be in the proper place.
    Got them back all recertified and ready for ''non standard'' size passengers.

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    Help with seat belts

    I'm in the process of restoring a '73 Sport 150. This airplane has had an interesting history. The a/f logs where lost in a hanger fire, along with some interior pieces, the engine, prop and minor pieces. I'm almost ready to get it back in the air. I've had major set backs with finding parts, but managed. However, seat belts are the issue at hand. I contacted the 2 seat belt companies mentioned, but alas, they want measurements. I do not know any dimensions on the seat belts for my '73 Sport 150. Could someone provide me with any leads, lengths or point me in the right direction for seat belt replacements.

    Thanks ..

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    At the time of the annual inspection my mechanic advised that the front seat belts on my 77 Sierra should be rewebbed as they were frayed. He sent them to WagAero in Lyons, WI and they returned the repaired belts promptly. At the same timel they added a few inches. I believe the old webbing must have shrunk some.

    Patrick Sheridan

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