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Thread: Hanger Stops

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    Hanger Stops

    Someone kindly moved my Sierra to do some electrical work overhead and left a nice gash in my left flap. To prevent this from happening anytime in the future, including myself, is there a product that any of you would recommend to prevent our planes from being pushed back too far in the hanger? Yes, I am aware of chocks but in this case they were removed. I am thinking of getting a pair of rubber speed bumps like the ones they use on roads... Another reason for my concern is that the ramp outside slants down into the hanger. No water problems yet!

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    OUCH Tom!

    If they're persistant enougth they'll bend the wings or the gear legs trying to push past the speed bumps! Try hollow core foam pipe insulation on the trailing edges as a bumper. Better still google "swim noodle" these are bigger than the pipe wraps and the bright colors serve as a reminder to remove before flight.

    John Woodsbb

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