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    The Dakota Thunder Fly In at Ellsworth Airforce Base in Rapid City, SD was attended by Bill Franklin, Dave Buttram, and Dan Jonas. It was a hot day but was very enjoyable. Landing on a 2.5 Mile long runway was interesting to say the least. I think I could have done 3 touch and goes before leaving the runway. Had quite a few different airplanes performing at the air show and had a heritage fly by. It was very enjoyable. Thanks to Bill F for getting it together.

    Dave B

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    Some pictures of the event. The banner pictures will follow.

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    Thanks to Bill Franklin for making the South Dakota Thunder fly-in so much fun. As always, it is so nice to meet BAC members at these events. You arrive alone and have a built in circle of friends. It was nice to spend time with Dave Buttram for the second time in about 8 days. It is obvious that he is doing everything he can as North Central Director to join in as much of the activites as possible.

    We also met a Musketeer owner who was on a bigger adventure than I. He had flown from Virginia to California, Reno, back to Rapid City and had plans to go on to Texas and Florida before his return. I'm hoping that we convinced him to join up.

    Dan Jonas

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    Dakota Thunder (Ellsworth AFB Open House)

    Talked to the Wing Commander today about the open house. 79 civilian planes flew out of 152 that signed up. He was very pleased at the civilian aircraft that showed up and is planning on the 2009 show being opened to GA aircraft even if the thunder birds show then.
    The controllers got training that was invaluable and the ramp personnel got training, one lady fell and had to get a bandage, and 14 people had to lie down from the heat, (NOTHING BIG for PROBLEMS.) He personnally looked in the Duchess and the Sundowner and Tillie. He said he would take me up on the offer to fly in with us next time. If he is not fired before then. He is just starting his tour (3 Weeks.)

    There were Five baby beech at the show we meet them all, the long tour pilot used to be a member but dropped it and I think he will rejoin this year. He called me this morning his Transponder went out before front range and he will almost need one to get back to Leesburg, VA.

    Thanks to all who even thought about coming and a big thanks to those that made it through the wx and heat to KRCA.

    If anyone drops in to Rapid (KRAP) give me a call and say hi.

    Bill Franklin & Tillie

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    I wish I had been present when the wing commander looked over the aircraft. I should have left you the key.

    I bet those controllers got more training than they bargained on. It was a hoot listening to them working 79 aircraft in the space of two hours. Actually, I think the first 60 probably arrived beore the first hour was up. I think that about 20% didn't have transponders. They probably thought it was an invasion.

    They flew me north a bit to help with the sequencing and I wound up on about a six mile final. The runway looked big even from that distance. I landed about a thousand feet down the runway and felt like I should file a flight plan for the taxi to the mid-field taxiway.

    When you do get to talk with the wing commander again, it would be a good idea to discuss the departure procedures. It was very hot and the ground personnel were starting and sequencing aircraft a lot faster than the tower could or would launch them. My oil temperatures got within 25 degrees of max just before take-off. Another 5 degrees and I would have shut down in the middle of the taxiway and worked it out with base personnel.

    It would be a good idea next time to only start the aircraft in groups as the tower is able to launch if the heat is as bad.

    Other than that comment, please extend my appreciation for the opportunity. He has many fine people within his command and I met and talked with more than a few of them. All were exceptional and as interested in us as we were in them. It was a unique experience.

    Dan Jonas

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    HOT Wash Coming - Notes so far

    Here are my notes for the hot wash next week.

    1. Specific parking by type/size - <80kt, <1000kt, <150, <200; Cessna row, Piper Row, Beech Row, Ultra Light Row, Jet Row, etc.

    2. Egress by type and size.

    3. Marshall and start with 1 min intervals not mass gagle start.

    Big boys use the 'A' taxi plan, most GA left to use the 'D' taxi plan.

    4. Two departure directions, 090 at or below 5000' for 5 miles and 270 at or below 5500'for 5 miles. Then what ever direction needed.

    5. If possible a hanger open on each row the planes are parked on so we can be in the shade close to the aircraft when people are looking and asking questions.

    Please send your additions and what you would like to have/see for the next one, maybe we can have a really big show in two years.

    Bill Franklin

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