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Thread: Moonlite Barbecue this Saturday

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    Moonlite Barbecue this Saturday

    A mighty good buffet of barbecue and all the fixins awaits any and all this Saturday, July 14 at KOWB, Owensboro, KY. Let's plan to arrive around noon central time. Nick Rinaldi is letting us meet at AYER Flying Club next to the tower. Ask ground control for directions. Moonlite will send a van to pick us up. See you there.


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    We'll have at least 3 airplanes coming from 27K to KOWB Saturday. We plan to arrive about 11:30 local time and leave for the restaurant at noon. Hope to see some more BAC planes at Ayer Flying Club. If you arrive late, the phone number for Moonlite Barbecue will be near the phone. Give them a call and they'll send a van to pick you up.

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    I know it's lonely and you appear to be talking to yourself but I checked the numbers and 54 people have read the discussion. Of course, you and I are the only ones to write a reply to your original posing.

    Keep the faith!

    PS-I only wrote because I felt sorry for you!

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    Tom Kroll from Cincinnati joined me and 6 others from 27K for a Saturday afternoon feast of barbecue beef, pork and mutton. Complementing the barbecue were mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, sweet corn, macaroni and cheese, fried apples, cornbread and a plentiful supply of desserts. A weight and balance re-check was mandatory!

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    I just couldn't fit in 6 hours of flying today; but it was close. If the sky had been blue, I might have done it. I just didn't feel up to slogging out and back IFR over the mountains, dodging weather.

    But I'm planning on going to the SCBC fly-in at Allendale tomorrow morning!

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