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Thread: How has the rain and floods in Tx & Ok affected your fly

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    How has the rain and floods in Tx & Ok affected your fly

    Seems like here in Arkansas, we have had some rain quite often this summer. We have not carried out any Texas fly in's (since Sulphur Springs) like we though we would back in the spring. So, I am curious how, if any, has the constant rains and flooding affected your flying and/or fly in plans for this summer?

    And likewise, where would you like to see us have a fly in between now and the end of August?

    Jay Bruce

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    What flying? Sandra has managed a few lessons on days when it was decent locally, but you wouldn't want to get to far from home. We couldn't make the Denver fly in, we drove to SLR, have missed a couple of other trips, etc.

    A flyin in East texas, Arkansas or LA would be nice.

    Bo & Sandra.

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    Mustang Beach would be nice

    I flew down to Mustang Beach this past weekend and would not mind a return trip.

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    Best I remember, you are IFR equipped right? That would make a lot of difference as far as this summer has gone. I'll have to look up mustang beach. I don't know quite where that is.

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    What about Galveston. Seems like I saw there was some sort of aviation museum either on or near the field. I don't know where Mustang Beach is either.

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    Where is Mustang Beach

    Yes, I am instrument rated and actually just took my commercial written just for another check ride!!!! Mustang Beach is just South East of Corpus Christi, between Corpus and Port Aransas, and its identifier is KRAS. You fly over the inlet on the way out....and if you have a northerly come in for final across the beach. They have quite a few good resteraunts, I could suggest Virginia's, and the cab ride into town is $10 or you can try and catch the free shuttle. Virginia's, and several of the other resteraunts sit right on the bay and the seafood is definitely worth the trip.

    I haven't been to anywhere in Galveston yet, but I would be willing.

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    Do we have a member or 2 near galveston that would be interested in holding a fly in. Finding a place to have lunch and getting a van to truck the attendees over to the aviation museum and where ever else would be involved. I'm fairly sure that BAC would be able to reimburse the host the cost of the van and BAC members would be responsible for paying for lunch...

    Any Takers?


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    Planning trip tomorrow

    If weather permits, I am going to make a preliminary trip down to Galveston tomorrow. Of course, there is a 60% chance of crap I guess I'll just have to see. If you want any particular recon done, let me know and I will do my best.


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    In fact the weather has kept me close to San Antonio, which has been in the middle of rain for weeks. Strangest weather I have seen in the 17 years I have been here (and flying the Sport for 11 of them). It is not so much the violent thunderstorms as the constant rain. The thunderstorms are less because of the constant cloud cover, there has not vbeen the daytime heating to get them going. The rainshafts are easy to see and avoid and the bases of cloud is high enough to be workable. Better to not have a destination in mind when going out to fly, just go where it is workable. Since the airport is grass, I also have to wait for the puddles and runoff to go away.

    I have done something for a few years to address humidity inside the airplane. I hang a closet dehumidifier bag from the coat hanger in the back seat. I get them at Linen and Things, or Bed Bath, and Beyond. They last a few week and fill with moisture, then I replace it. When it is dry, they last a lot longer. Figures.

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    Lucky Me

    I guess I have luck of the draw. Skylark Field, which is the airport that I fly out of, was the Killeen Municipal airport before they colocated with the military strip. Well maintained pavement, 5495 x 100 runway.

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