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Thread: Napa Wine Country Fly-in

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    Napa Wine Country Fly-in

    I just posted the 2nd Annual Napa Wine Country Fly-in. We had a great turn-out last year and would like to do even better this year. Early arrivals on Friday will have a barbecue at my house. I think we will allow more time to visit the wine country this time and plan for late Saturday afternoon and evening socialization and dinner. As usual, anyone that wants to hang out at the airport on Saturday afternoon will be welcome and not alone.

    Come and pick up a case or two of wine in person.

    Let me know who plans on coming.

    Dan Jonas

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    Hey Dan-

    We're gonna try again this year. Maybe in September we won't have freezing rain and snow in northern Utah!

    Anyway, we plan to be there!
    Chris & LeeAnne

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    Count Shell and I in! Last year was a lot of fun!

    Richard Kutzner

    (P.S. Give me a ring if I can help with anything!)

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    Pam and I will be there Dan. I look forward to it, and seeing everyone again as well!


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    I'll definitely plan on it. Hopefully we'll get a rerun of last year's weather!


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    Count us in! Wouldn't think of missing it we had such a good time last year. Wow.... maybe we can get the same rental car and find the wine we left in the trunk still there! Yeah... right.

    Thom & Di

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    Wine in the trunk

    You guys left wine in the trunk? You should have called me, I would have tracked it down and drank it for you.

    Dan Jonas

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    Had a good time in Castle today...If I have to bury the kids in the backyard, I will to make it to NAPA!

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    Sounds fun!

    Hey Dan,

    I will try to get the weekend off of work and be there.... my wife (Bernadette) said it would be a shame for her to go without me..... We had a blast last year..... has it been a year already? I'll know mid-august if I have the time off...

    Ken Vineburg

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    Napa Fly-in


    Great to see you today too. We look forward to you and Jeff making it to Napa.


    I do hope you make it again this year, but Bernadette is welcome even if you can't.


    Just remember that September is crush in the Napa Valley and lots of people like to visit during that time. Can't say as I blame them as the wineries have such a great smell then. So book your rooms early and look in American Canyon or even Fairfield if you want to save a few bucks and don't mind a little drive (particularly from Fairfield). Also, rental cars are available at the airport from the FBO, but without a reservation, they may not have enough out there. I am happy to provide shuttle service for those who need it into Napa for rental cars, etc.

    Dan Jonas

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