I thought I would let everyone know that my long cross country relocation trip from KIGM to KCOE (+800nm) that I was going to fly last year, was completed yesterday and was relatively uneventful. I was really tentative to take this mission on by myself due to the fact that this was the longest x-country to date that I have flown and the fact that the terrain over Nevada was some of the highest that I have flown over. I did encounter many T.F.R's due to multiple fires in route and c.t.a.f. airports converted to class deltas due to fire crews moving into airports along the way. Tailwinds at 10,500-12,500 enabled me to reach ground speeds of 165+ making my little Beech feel like a different plane. Anyways, my plane is now in itís hanger in its new home in Coeur dí Alene, Idaho and I feel that I have am a little more educated as a pilot.