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Thread: Castle (KMER) Fly-in

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    Castle (KMER) Fly-in

    I posted some pictures of last weekend’s fly-in to the old Castle AFB. Jeanne, Jeff (Jeanne's husband), Dan, and Conway (aka Mike, me), and a guest named Chris from the east coast where there.

    Castle is HUGE beyond imagination! I have never seen anything like it. The museum was great, and we all learn a lot of new stuff on our trip. Take a look at the pictures in the Southwest folder.


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    This was a really neat little BAC Fly-in. I bummed a ride from Mike because the Duchess was still in for annual. The significant accomplishment was that our member Jeanne made a six hour round trip flight from Fullerton just to spend about one and a half hours with us and for the experience. I think it is her first substantial cross-country since getting her PPL.

    Castle may be the longest runway you will ever land on. Castle is a closed SAC base and they had B-52's there for a long time. The ramp is understandably large as well.

    They have a great display of aircraft at the museum that is well worth the trip. It is just about all outdoors so plan it for a day where the California central valley is not sitting at 100 degrees. They have a nice burger place at the museum and the FBO will break looses and drive you both ways. It might be a pleasant walk on a cooler day.

    Dan Jonas

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