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Thread: Ellsworth, KS (9K7) - Great Amer, Cattle Drive. September 29

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    Ellsworth, KS (9K7) - Great Amer, Cattle Drive. September 29

    Great American Cattle Drive - Ellsworth, KS (9K7) Saturday Sept. 29.
    See 140 Trophy Longhorns driven through the City of Ellsworth,
    Other Activities include Parade 10 AM, Trade Show 9-5, Antique Wagon Parade 2:30, 16th cowtown Marching Festival parade 5:30, Craft show and other activities. There will be coffee and rolls, biscquets and gravy or some other breakfast starting around 8 AM Sat Morn.
    It is about 2 Miles to downtown and rides will be provided. Those interested in attending can email Robert Grauer ( and I will send them more info or call me at 785-658-7127 and I can give them more info as it comes in. The whole thing begins on Thurday at noon and end up on Sunday with worship at 10 am sunday. There will also be a carnival starting noon Thursday so come and spend as much or as little time as you like.

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    This is the weekend, hope to see some of you there.

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    Dave - I don't understand. You go to a cattle drive and they serve PORK (gravy)?

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    They are driving the cattle. They have to fatten them up after the drive before you can eat them.

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