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Thread: Aug 24,25,26 Minden, NE; Any Interest?

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    Aug 24,25,26 Minden, NE; Any Interest?

    Anyone interested in joining me and my wife for the Nebraska Anteque Air Club Fly-in at Minden, NE on the 24,25 and 26 of August. I went a couple of years ago with Dave Buttram and our wives. All had a good time good food and prizes for the longest flight , oldest plane, best loooking, etc. Good people, great planes to see, and if you have never sat in the cadilac of the byplane (Stagerwing) you have to go. Let me know and I'll post the flyin for the two week time frame. Bill Franklin,

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    Patty and I might be interested. It is a short flight from GCK.

    Gary Drussel
    N6011J C 24

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    Dusty, Brandy and I really enjoyed the weekend. The girls said that the museum there is quite a treat and the airplanes were something to see.

    Great folks, Great weekend.
    Dave B

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    I will try to fly over fri evening or Sat AM

    2371w A23-19

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