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Thread: To OSH and Back

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    To OSH and Back

    I returned from my trip to OSH last evening. What a flight !! I put 50.8 hours on the old Musketeer seeing the US at 100 Kts !! I left Watts-Woodland(o41) on July 20th for the first leg to Bullhead City AZ. My partner Kevin and I stayed over the night as it was 114 degrees when we arrived and I didn't think the Musketeer would climb very well with full fuel and the load we were carrying. We departed at 4am with a temp of 94 degrees and headed for Santa Fe NM.On the way were watched the sun begin to light up the desert and flew past the crator. We arrived at Santa Fe and I asked the fuler to fill to the tabs as the OAT was 96. Kevin and I went to luch and upon returning the tanks were topped. We had a field elevation of 6300 feet but, the runway was long and I decided we could slow climb out-and slow climb it was. We got off with 1K feet of runway left and lumbered around at 100-200 FPM until we found a thermal-we didn't need to wait long for that. We climbed to 8300 and it was apparent that was all we were going to get. We went south to an intersection recommended by the controller that gave us a 2K seperation from the ground. We went non-stop to Tulsa International for the Brittain auto pilot upgrade. Tulsa had a major thunderstorm and we considered an alternate. We had my 496 for weather and the the note stated the ceilings were 4500 feet so, we contacted Tulsa and learned people were getting in without issue. We went under the clouds and could see the walls of water a few miles right and left but, the path to Tulsa was clear. We made it without worry, no chances were taken !! Jerry Waters from Brittian met me at Sparks Aviation and beagn the install on Monday. Kevin and I visited the OK city site of the bombing and boy was it a tear jerker. If anyone has a chance to visit, they now have all the evidence on display. It makes one angry at the criminals involved but proud of the reaction of all the americans who participated in the event. The install took a day longer than expected but, it was worth it. I had Jerry add a heading hold and two nav tracking sources to my wing leveler. -More on that in a minute. Leaving Tul, We flew to Canton Ill to meet with an old friend, and get a free meal and room prior to OSH. We arrived with a beautiful sunset, had a steak dinner and by moring had ceilings of 1200 feet!!! We filed for an IFR clearance while enroute and obtained a direct OSH. I turned on the Brittian auto pilot and coupled it to the GPS and it flew the heading within two degrees all the way!!! I didn't have alt hold so, I watched the pitch. After 2.5 hours of solid IMC we broke out just prior to Ripon. That was great as I didn't have a reservation for OSH. If you can't get VFR at ripon and without a reservation you get sent off to an alternate. Lucky us we got to OSH!!! I was a little worried as I had heard of the long lines of planes arriving and the problems. WE SAW ONE PLANE ha ha. An aerostar passed us and that was it. The weather was bad so we didn't have the problem. We did find it funny that the arrows on the chart showing the arrival were actually painted on the RR tracks. No chance for mistakes. We did three days of Oshkosh, meeting the first night with BAC'rs at the dinner at the Hilton Garden-Thanks to Bob and his wife. The dinner was great and it proves once again BAC'rs rock!!! The following day we hit the booths and I tried to get a deal on the ZAON traffic alert that interacts with the 496. They were all sold out so, I walked away empty. We watched the airshow but, it ended when two P-51s were involved in an accident. I'm sure most of you have read about it. All I will say is it was a very avoidable accident and I was sad that there was no reason for the loss. The pilots were simulating a Reno air race-simulating, oh well.
    On Monday we left OSH for Alpena Mich to see my sister. I have a thing about long over water flights-I hate cold water except to drink, so, we flew around the coast line. We had a head wind all through prior the flights but for once had a little tail wind. Since we were going by Mac Island I wanted to stop. We spent 2 hours just looking around then blasted off to Alpena Mich. After the visit we left the next day for Jackson Mich to see Kevins sister. We had lunch, fueled and headed for Souix Falls SD. We arrived that night after another long leg. The following day we flew to Billings Mont via Mt Rushmore. We obtained photos of the Presidents and flew on. To fly there you get a special transponder code and must remain above 7700 FT and 1/2 mile away. We arrived in Billings later that day, fueled, had lunch and took off for Spokanne Wa. We made it at about 6PM and were lucky enough to find a room. They had an AA baseball turney going. We slept a few hours and left for Orcas Island to deliver an OSH tee shirt to an old friend of mine. We arrived to find Orcas had an EAA flyin going on so, they got to view a seasoned Musketeer. We gave the Tee shirt to my friend, took her to lunch and left for Corvallis Or. The fuel at spokane and Orcas was over 5 bucks a gallon so we took on enoungh to make a safe flight and left. At Cov the fuel was 4.50 and we took on enough to get home. We FINALLY got a tail wind and saw ground speeds of 130 Kts. We arrived home in 2.5 hours. The Musketeer had one issue during the flight. My ground wire for the pilots side push to talk came loose. Our fuel burn averaged 8.5 an hour with the CHTS running 309 and egts at 1425. I used the Brittain auto pilot the whole way and it was great. It took the load off flying several times. It can be left on in any turbulance and the pilot can override it without damage. With the wing leveler and all the nav and heading holds, including a rebuilt indicator with bug 5500 bucks-installed!! (this includes the wing leveler as everyone probably wants to know about the complete system). The other item I believe made the trip very easy was the 496. The ability to see what is in front of you, weather TFRs Segmets airmets, airport info etc, allows for intellegent planning. I'm a little long winded but, I a Musketeer guy-I'm supposed to be.

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    Sounds like a great 2 week vacation! Was your autopilot from scratch, or did you augment a system you already had?

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    Great write-up, Bob! THX!

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    Great Flight


    That was a great summary and it sounds like a great flight. 50 hours is a lot of flying. Welcome home.

    Dan Jonas

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    Quite a trip.

    That's more than some guys fly in a year.

    I'll have to update the PT totals. I think I got your miles from Bob Schmidt.

    If not I'll get them from you.

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    I have GOT to do that some year. Great writeup Bob.

    Dave B

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    Oka, not as impressive as bob's epic journal BUT...I flew my BE23 roundtrip to Oshkosh twice last week. Flew over on Tuesday in the morning (first time ever there) with my oldest to Ripon no problem and followed a Cherokee from Ripon to Fiske, got our runway assignment (27) and headed down to the rock quarry to turn base and land on the orange. We were instructed to turn in to the grass immediatly and I looked back to see three more planes landing right behind me. Taxied over to general aviation parking and shut down. We went to see the show and then departed at 6:15 pm after the Harriers finished the air show ....5 hours round trip. We went back Friday with my wife, another teen and my 4 year old and a ton of gear. Lifted off into 1800 broken which quickly became 1600 and in some places 1500. I got a bit nervous and landed in Winona, MN to recheck weather to the show. Several planes leaving said it was VFR so we launched and flew the rest of the way to Oshkosh at about 1700 and landed without incident. My wife's first time at an air show and we saw the P51s crash which put a damper on the rest of the day. They held departures until nearly 8pm and I didn't want to fly at night so we hopped to Appleton, WI and got a room. Left rested and fed in the am and had a great flight back to KLVN (Minneapolis) on Saturday...another 5 hours RT. I returned to Oshkosh on Sunday in a CTSW by Flight Design in order to pick up our new Evektor Sport Star (LSA). Landed and practiced in the new plane at Brennand field which is just 8 miles north of Oshkosk. The strip is paved but is only 20 feet wide and 2500 long. We then went back to Oshkosh and picked up my show plane at the close of the show (Honda jet took off right in front on me) and I flew it back to Brennand, gathered my stuff and then flew the Sport Star back to KLVN at dusk....great little plane but more on that later....another 5 hours RT.

    On Friday, I loaded up the sundowner and launched from KLVN to Venice FLorida to see Sarasota avionics about a S-tec 30 and an engine analyzer. We filed IFR and lifted off at 0600 and climbed to 9000....great flight to Springfield, TN...about 4.5 hours and 560 miles...landed with another 12 gallons still in the tanks..95 degrees and really humid. We lunched on fried catfish and departed with full tanks into Nashville airspace and rapidly building clouds...plane would not climb and we were getting vectors from ATC...very busy for 15 mins until I realized that we needed to lean more to climb out and then everything settled down at 9000-10,000 on the ride down to Albany, GA. We landed in Albany because the T-storms around Talahasse looked grim. To T-34s and crew were up from Pensecola and we sat in the FBO and talked with them for a while before going to the hotel. In the morning we launched again and climbed to 9000 for the flight to FLorida. Flew past some enormous thunderheads 30 miles wide, 40K high and "severe precipitation" before clearing the weather and flying down the gulf coast and out over the ocean a bit. Cleared through Tampa airspace and landed in Sarasota where we were redirected to Venice, FL just down the coast. Finally turned off the mags in Venice on Saturday and left the plane for Sarasota Avionics to do their thing....11 hours and 1200 miles and 5 hours of IMC. n23979 has most of the flight logged.

    More flying and pics of this trip will be posted!

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    Bob's OSH marathon

    Hi Bob,

    Don't apologize for being long winded. We seldom see that many words in a forum entry...but I know exactly what you are feeling!

    When I went in '02, it was my first real cross country of more than 150 miles one way. And this was from Massachusetts to OSH (gulp).

    I did not see the arrows on the tracks because we were in this cloud of aircraft; most of whom seemed unable to fly straight and level at 90 knts. They finally slung us around to another approach. Even got an attaboy from the controller on the ground. Gee, thanks! (Uhh, what did we do?)

    Great trip. Tell ya what...why don't you punch it up into an article for BAC Talk and send it to Editor Rick Koch?

    Steve Cote
    BAC Founding Member
    Sundowner N-1958L

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    I made it to OSH on Sunday which is a heavy arrival day no problems just followed the notam and we were in and down on 18R We did however have to taxi for a long time back to the GA Ramp which was on rough grass but the people were great. It sounds like aircraft older than 1970 could bark west of 18R but I had already made the

    Our planes are great for this arrivel to OSH due to the 90KT speed limit however I was following a Mooney who was trying it @70kts he ended being sent back to Ripon and trying again!!

    It was a great trip and I would do it again. If you can read the notam you can get there!


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