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Thread: LoPresti Hubba Hubba Caps

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    LoPresti Hubba Hubba Caps

    I received my new style Hubba caps yesterday. They look great, well built and thought out. Even included the screws needed. The air valve access door looks big enough to be easy to use. The access door removes for air valve use and I assume is replaceable if it gets lost.
    The paperwork included the STC approval that lists our planes. I wonder if the STC means I need a sign off by an IA? I guess it's not just a replacement part if it comes with an STC.

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    "original hub caps"

    My Super III has very simple, very plain thin white (painted) aluminum caps on all three wheels. Are these stock items? I'd sure like to have the valve-stem door that the LoPrestis have. Are there other benefits over the stock ones?



    1968 A23-24 MA297
    currently without engine - firewall off too.

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    I put my new Hubba Hubba caps on today. With the STC a 337 is required to be sent to the local FISDO. Even though it a simple screw-off, screw-on replacement, it is considered an airframe modification.

    They look great and it will be easy to keep the tire at 40 psi.

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    The plain flat caps were a Beech option; logbook entry only as a minor change, if they are added.

    A LoPresti STC'd replacement requires that an informational 337 be sent in, but no FAA Field Approval.

    The only real advantage of the LoPrestis is the air access door. That adds convenience, and reduces the chances of stripping the screw holes in the wheels.

    Of course, LoPresti claims less drag, but that's a stretch unless you have no covers at all.

    Personal opinion, but I think that the LoPrestis look a bit better than the plain flat ones. Again personal opinion; but I think that the FG planes look the best, and have the least gear drag, when they are equipped with the original-size 15x600x6 tires, and the LoPresit caps on all three wheels. Of course, the Power Flow Wheel Pants Kit will make that all moot, right?! Robin has said that they will work with either tire size. The 15x600x6 would still have 1.25" less tire sticking out the bottom of the wheel fairing....

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    I put the LoPresti caps on last year and I do think they look a lot better than the flat Beech covers. BTW - I have a pair of quite serviceable flat Beech covers if somebody wants a low cost option. But yes, the STC aspect requires an A&P signoff.

    I also made the switch from the 17.5 to 15 tires - I do think they look better and no real changes in handling I've noticed other than the taxi ride seems a bit harder. For people like my 5"1' wife the shorter step up is noticeable and even for me the hop up is a little easier.

    My original motivation was worries about stripping the screws due to having to remove/reinstall the covers for every air pressure check. A plus side is that now that I have the easy access I do check the tire pressures a lot more often, generally every time I fly if it's been a week or more.

    I agree with Mike - I wouldn't expect much drag reduction from going from the Beech to the LoPresti covers, but certainly from no covers. I actually ended up getting two pairs so I have a cover on the nosewheel as well which I didn't have before. Plus is I have a spare cover and door in case something happens.

    It's been an easy thumbs up for these - it is a bit of a pain that the STC is still required. My IA actually chuckled when we were doing ours - definitely a waste of effort but rules are rules.

    Same sillinesss about why it requires and A&P to update the W&B of an aircraft when as pilots we have to know and calculate a W&B every flight, oh well.

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    Drag reduction? You Bet

    Man -

    Those Hubba-Hubba Caps on all three wheels Definitely added 0.02Kts AT LEAST!

    Also, easy to stick on those racing flame decals!

    I like quality over quantity, as long as there's enough of it.

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    Anyone have suggesstions on best way to fix stripped threads on the wheels to attach the hubcaps? I think I just figured out why my plane hasn't had any caps that I ever saw.

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    Short Helicoils, Paul. I have them here at 34A, purchased from Beech for the purpose, back when I found them. I have both the locking tyle and the non-locking type. I use the non-locking type for the wheel cover screw holes. This kind of hardware is my working bench stock, so I don't normally sell it off.

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    The perfect Helicoil Kit

    If I was going to put together "The Perfect Helicoil Kit" to repair all of the screw holes on my wheels, what parts & quantities would I need (taps/types, insertion tool(s), Helicoil thread-size/length, etc...).

    I'm planning on having my IA help me Helicoil all of my wheels & want to make sure I've got all the right parts for the job.


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    Here is a link to a registration at LoPresti. You will supposedly receive a coupon for a free Hubba Hubba cap, at NBAA and/or AOPA. I have not idea what strings might be attached, if any. If you are attending either event, it's probably worth getting the coupon, in case it proves worthwhile.

    In case it will work as a direct link, here is the direct link to the coupon. Looks like 'Buy one for $80, get the second one free'.

    P.S. I just tried it, and the direct link does work. Anyone who is going to either of these events (or both) ought to take advantage of this offer. I bet we'll see some of these sets show up on eBay in the future.

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