This is a follow up for anyone who did not see the cancellation note on the
BAC site. (Presumably because, like me, you were sitting at your airport
waiting for this damned hazed and fog to lift!) If anyone actually made it
there, let me know.

I don't know what to tell you. By my count we have had 8 Fly-Ins cancelled
outright by weather in the last 3 years. Several more came off but I,
personally, was unable to make it because I couldn't get out of BAF. (We
won't speak of the National Fly-Ins I have had to fly commercially for
similar reasons.)

Northeasterners, when I got home just now I had half decided to resign as
Regional Director on the grounds that I must be a "Jonah". But I don't
believe in curses anymore than you; and, besides, this problem predates me

So.what now.? Well, we have the Maine Fly-In on Sept 15th (where the
Brunswick Air Show is the big, though not sole, objective) Start planning

Greenwood Lake would like us to try again later.they would really like to
host us. October would seem to be tied up with the International Fly-In at
Myrtle Beach.that's where I will be. But if anyone not going to BAC Fest
would like to take a hand and run an event at Greenwood, let me know and I
will work with you to pull it off.

Anyone else have ideas? (Gary Hanchett, I have not forgotten about Oz's
Homestead; sounds like a plan for future development. Perhaps a Regional

OK, sorry to everyone else in other Regions and MM. This is the fastest,
most comprehensive way I have found to get this word out; but you have had
to listen to the Northeast complain and moan again.

'Til next try,

Steve Cote

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