Bob, there are two primary possibilities:

The first is that the cap center bolt isn't adjusted to snugly compress the perimeter o-ring. The finger tabs should be loose enough to pop them up with your fingers (no keys or other prying methods), but snug enough so that the tabs lock snugly down when latched closed.

The second is that the perimeter o-ring has been replaced (probably more than once), but not the center bolt o-ring. Either ring can leak fuel out, or let rain in. You have to disassemble the cap to replace the center o-ring, but it's not a big deal. You can download the instructions from BAC.

If you periodically put a small squirt of ACF50, Corrosion X, or LPS 2 on your cap center bolts and up into the outer perimeter of your fuel drain valve tubes, it will extend the life of the o-rings. Unlike some other petroleum compounds, none of these products will adversely affect the life of the rings.

Congrats on your initial Annual Inspection outcome. Sounds like you plan to continue to take good care of your nice bird. Assuming your A&P-IA agrees, you may learn a lot more, and save a few more bucks, by requesting an Owner-Assisted Annual next year. You do a lot of the grunt work, while the IA supervises and inspects. It isn't an exact time trade-off, as he will still spend a lot of time watching over you, demonstrating things, and explaining things; but you'll come out far ahead in more ways than just money.

By the way, I saw a new Skipper windshield on eBay last night, along with some manuals, Some parts and books out there for the 19/23/24s as well. Most show up in a search for Beech and a search for Beechcraft.

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From: Robert Gresli
To: Mail Musketeer
Sent: Thursday, May 12, 2005 10:43 AM
Subject: [musketeermail] Fuel Siphoning on a Skipper

To the Musketeer Group,

I just got my new Skipper back from it's first annual. I still have my shirt! I've heard so many horror stories of new owners getting a $10K bill for there first annual. My bill was less than $2K. I'll do my best to take care of it during the year to have even smaller annual bills.

My mechanic replaced the o-ring on the gas cap on the left wing. It was siphoning some gas and leaving blue fuel stains on the wing behind the filler cap when the tank was full. After getting the plane back from annual, I filled the tanks to the top. I then flew it back to my field and again noticed the blue fuel stains on the wing.

If it's not the gas cap o-ring, what else could cause the fuel to be leaking out of the cap?

Otherwise, the Skipper seems to be working well. I'm running mineral oil for another 40 hours or so to see if I can get my oil consumption down.

Thanks for your help.

Bob Gresli
Skipper N6636E
Hillsboro OR (HIO)

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