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Thread: Brittain autopilot

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    Brittain autopilot

    Yesterday I ran out of home projects so I took the Musketeer up. I wanted to try a VFR intercept , track and approach using a VOR. The Brittain isn't approach approved but, you know how that goes.
    I tuned and Identified Williams VOR as this one is close to my airport. I placed the heading bug on the same setting as the OBS and turned the system on. The Brittain flew a 30 degree intercept and locked onto the radial. I flew the 20 miles and as I approached the VOR's cone of confusion, the needle started to rock, followed by the plane. I switched to heading bug only and flew over the top of the VOR, right over the top. I tuned the headingbug to the 290 radial out bound to intercept the 342 degree radial off of Maxwell VOR that also terminates into an approach for Willows airport. The Brittain began the intercept at the 9.8 mile DME from Williams. The approach plate shows the 342 degree radial at the 11.6 DME. At the 11.6 DME the autopilot was locked on solid and heading towards Maxwell. As I approached Maxwell, I switched to the heading bug to avoid what Brittain calls the wake up circuit (the rocking described)and flew directly over the VOR. I turned the NAV 1 back on and it followed the radial inbound soild. I reduced RPM and began my after passing decent. I broke off the approach after it was clear I was right on track. Anyone thinking of a Brittain again, I'm impressed for such a simple system. If you fly the GPS off Nav 2, you experience none of the rocking.

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    I have been messaging on this site about the Brittian for my 77 Sundowner. I would love to have one but they won't call me back and now I understand there is a problem with their system and the BE23.
    Anyway, looks like it did a great job for you.

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    Steve, just call them. Their number is 918-836-7701 FAX 918-836-7703. They are a four person operation. When Cece the office person is out, the phone and other sources slow way down. Jerry and his A&P drive from their business to Sparks Aviation where they work on aircraft. Sparks leases them hangar space as their shop is off the airport. So, they are gone alot. Richard, their tech doesn't usually answer the phone. I called yesterday and Cece was back after an illness. Give them a try and speak with Jerry. He is the man for product knowledge and installations. I am aware that one of their parts suppliers here in Ca, miss formed some Beech parts. All 300 examples had to be sent back and there is a six to eight week delay. I don't know what models they effect. I hope this helps-Bob

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    I did speak with them and email with them. They didn't bother to return my email. On my last conversation they were checking with the FAA on being able to do this on my BE-23. There apparently was some kind of snag they were working thru.
    I will give them a call next week and try again.

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    Steve, they are never in a hurry down there. If they do the install, allow extra time as Jerry will rework anything under your panel that he thinks needs attention. His work is excellent but, he is very meticulous and adding a couple of days will help you remain calm ha ha. I told Jerry I was on a schedule and it took two extra days. Jerry didn't like the tubing used by another installer so he took out all the side panels and reworked everything. He rerouted wires that he thought were not supported properly-not associated with the autopilot but a good idea. I got back a better plane than I took in. There is a zoo to go to nearby, the OK City Memorial, airports with interesting aircraft (RJones Jr has a flying Starship) There is a casino nearby etc. The good resturants are on the east side of Tulsa. There are hotels right at the airport and Sparks Aviation has rental cars.

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