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Thread: Christmas At 34A - Fly-In/Owner Maint Day, Saturday 12/15

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    Christmas At 34A - Fly-In/Owner Maint Day, Saturday 12/15

    UPDATED 12/9/2007

    I have limited the scheduled work at 34A for the 12/15-16/2007 weekend (one Annual Inspection only), so we can host a BAC Fly-In and Owner Maintenance Day on Saturday 12/15. The event will be free for BAC members and accompanying guests. If you do fix-up work on your plane, the only charge will be for any parts or hardware used. I'm not planning on getting into any time-consuming work like flap and trim adjustments, but we will play it by ear. We will crank things up around 0900.

    If the weather is really nice (as it often is), we'll bring a grill down to the hangar for a nice cook-out. If the weather goes south for the event, we will all go down the road to the AYCE BBQ at Hickory Hills (includes ribs, chicken, pork, etc.).

    We will be parking the fly-in planes in front of the large maintenance hangar. It would help if you can bring your own small tools like screwdrivers, just so I don't run out of hand tools for those wanting to do fix-up.

    I'd like to start accumulating a head count for food planning purposes; who is planning to attend?

    Tom Kinstler
    Doug Muse
    Jim Prescott
    Joe Ludwikowski
    David Ludwikowski
    Chris Prentice
    Norton Geddie
    Kim Hifill
    Monty Spencer
    Jeannie Spencer
    Jim Spencer and boys
    Jim White
    Mike Rellihan
    Paula Rellihan

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    Orbiting Earth Left the Solar System
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    Jul 2004
    Just outside Nawlins

    Stop being a wus and get your instrument ticket.


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    I hope to attend if i get my medical back 11/30.

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    I will before BAC Fest 2008.


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    Well, somewhat to my surprise, we only have three attendees signed up so far. Is that really all the folks who want to come by 34A for an early Christmas Fly-In??

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    I bet we can convince Mike to wear a Santa suit if we get over ten planes. Come on everyone! I have the perfect suit picked out. You think I would fit in an Elf outfit. ????


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    I would like to fly over for this one. However, I won't know for sure until closer to the date.

    Mike Earrey

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    I am going to try to make it... I'll be able to confirm after T-giving.

    Paint job and annual finishing this week!! (after 5 months)

    Jim Prescott

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    Ah, Doug, that would be the tallest Elf I have ever seen....

    M. Spencer

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