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    Sierra Solenoid

    Today I was to have my prop balanced and with all of the equipment installed, the plane wouldn't start. Not even a click. After checking all of the possibilities it was determined that the solenoid had to be the problem. An hour later we found the solenoid and did indeed comfirm that it was dead. My problem now is to get a replacement. Does BAC have any vendors, that we work with, to give discounts on these items? Are there any people out there who have found a good supplier of these solenoids. Thank you in advance.

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    I went through this earlier in the year for my Sundowner. I wound up buying a new part, and I think it was from Spruce.

    I spent a lot of time investigating alternatives. This is essentially an automotive part, and costs less than $20.00. But the equivalent part number looks different from the aircraft part. The auto part has a plastic case, and the aviation (or older automotive) part is heavy metal. I took the old one part, and it is just a dirt-simple solenoid.


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    No, I didn't. I replaced it with a used yellow-tagged aircraft one from one of the suppliers recommended by Mike Rellihan.

    The only differences in the used one I put were the threads on the replacement (coarse) and the diameter of the little side terminal (smaller). I replaced the nipples with new silicone ones from Spruce.

    If you want to go through automotive junk yards, you could probably find one that was indistinguishable from the one Beech used. New ones, even if bearing the same part number, will look much different.


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    I have a few 24 volt solenoids from my Sierra. If you have a later Sierra the relays are no longer made and the only legal recourse (I was told) is used or a complete swap out kit from Beech for the new style relays and wiring, bus bars etc. They are still available, but not cheap.
    One possible solution if you have an external power plug is to use that relay in place of the dead relay and make the extenal power plug inop.

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