Must have been Friday; I had one minute to make my IFR void time and was
trying to clear the pattern. What a day; a Piper Apache decided he wanted
to take off on 5 while the rest of us were using 23. He was at the parking
area with me and I assumed he was taxiing back to parking or the hangars.
Instead, he went down to the end of 5. In the mean time, I was watching the
Cessna working the pattern and using 23, so I did too. The Apache called ready
to takeoff on 5 about the time I was ready on 23. I told him to go and he
made some remark so the guy at the FBO (Not Roger) told us the active was 23 but
the Apache was already rolling. I let him clear and had to expedite my
departure. I went to the Mid Atlantic Fly In in Lumberton, NC.
There were three of us parked together in Lumberton (KLBT). We parked
in the back 40 and Mike, I think it was his Sierra but I never saw him, had
the BAC banner displayed. Next year we have a section reserved on the action
side of the field (across the runway). I worked Security at the airport
entrance so did not get to see any air show, at least not the low stuff. I got to
some of the forums today but departed prior to the airshow so I could beat
the weather in the Niceville area. The last phase of the flight was pretty
smooth with rain and low clouds, I landed in Marinanna (KMAI) to take on some
fuel and recheck the weather. It was looking pretty nasty to the west of
there with the convective SigMets. Cairns and Eglin Approaches took good care of
me vectoring me around the bad stuff. In fact, Cairns called and said I
should be getting into an area of clear weather about now -- I popped out the
back side of the stuff just as he said now; pretty neat. The higher stuff
across the Carolinas and Georgia was pretty rough; one bar down on the AH and
climbing over 500 fpm and the reverse on the other side of some of these clouds.
Great day for gliders. I paralleled the front running from north of
Fayetteville, NC down to the Gulf. Fun flying but ... In Marianna, I met the
flight instructor who was Francis Gary Powers' (U-2 shot down during the Cold War
era) initial flight instructor way back.
We'll have to get together some time. I am there Monday thru Friday,
trying to fly up on Fridays. I am looking for a car (cheap beater car / truck
<$500) to keep at the airport to get back and forth to work; when I find
one, I will fly more often. My contract ran out on the Air Force Bases her so I
just took a new job on Fort Rucker. I commute from Niceville daily (85
miles one way). I work with Pete Bartosh if you know him. He is local; has a
C-310; and maintenance facility there. Give me a ring some time (255-991; we
can go to Larry's BBQ for lunch.
Blue Skies,
Chuz Bear

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