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Thread: Musketeer engine STC's

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    Musketeer engine STC's

    I've been looking at a 1965 Musketeer and really like the plane, but
    I've been reading about how problematic it is to overhaul the
    engine...does anyone know if there is an STC to put a more popular
    engine in the Musketeer (like a Lycoming) or which shops I could
    contact to get an estimate on an overhaul of a Continental IO346?

    The plane I'm looking at is nice and way more fun to fly than any small
    Cessna I've ever been in, but it will need an overhaul in 1-2 years
    and I don't know if it is worth buying something that could be a huge
    headache and exceedingly expensive to keep flying if there are not
    options to put other engines in the plane. Any advice or places to

    Also, I keep reading mixed reviews on the performance of the engine.
    Does anyone know why it is unreliable and was replaced in later
    models...did it just require more expensive maintenance or was it
    prone to failure? I can't find much on this engine except that it was
    quickly replaced (for reasons I'm unaware of) and that parts are
    currently nearly impossible to find for it. Any info would be much

    Thank you
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