Well A sad day has come to the Foote residence; today we have decided to
sell my Cream Cycle N9198S. I have not been able to fly her as much as I
would like and it does her no justice to sit on the ground when she could be
flying with another pilot and enjoying life.

I placed an ad this morning and if you can believe it I did not have any
pictures of her at my office to put in the ad, so I will add them tonight.

I purchased her in 2001 and she has been a dream, low maintenance costs and
flies like a dream. We have made a few of long trips together Alaska, Hudson
Bay, South Carolina and countless other flights.

So here I am offering up my baby, it is like selling a part of me, but it
must be done

For more information please contact me at:

bsfoote@electronicsmart.tv or



Brian S. Foote

But here are the general specs


Year: 1975

Color: Orange and White

Total Time Est.: 2350

Engine SOH Est.; 550


King KMA 24 Audio Panel

Garmin GNC300XL w/ KI 208

King KX 155 w/ KI 209 Nav/Com

King KN 64 DME

Garmin GXL 327 Transponder

TCI SSD120 - XXA Encoder

Northstar M1 Loran

She is a 10 on the outside and a 6 on the inside

Rear seats are split and easily removable

NDH and all log books are complete and accurate.


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