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Thread: Manassas, Virginia (HEF) Fly-In March 29 2008

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    Manassas, Virginia (HEF) Fly-In March 29 2008

    To all BAC members and little Beech owners, we are trying to set up a fly-in at Manassas Regional Airport (HEF) on the 29th of March 2008.

    Our local FBO, NextFlight, will support us and provide tiedown and ramp services. Their restaurant is reopening and should be affordable for the "$100 hamburger".

    Interested folks will have to file a "ADIZ" flight plan to fly into and out of Manassas but it is not hard to do and the local controllers provide excellent support.

    Looking for response and support replys.

    John C. Zinkus

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    Curses. I'll be in FL following a scheduled Flight Physical there, on March 29. Hopefully some other folks can make the Manassas event.

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    Weather permitting, this sounds like a fun get-together. I would be flying from PA and have never dealt with the ADIZ and am leary of going near that thing. Perhaps you can give advice as to the best method of getting to that airport without having an armed escort.

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    If things settle down for me I will try to make it. I have overflown Manassas a lot but never stopped in.
    For those that are concerned about the ADIZ, remember flight service,FAA etc would muc rather help you than see you make a violation. Call and ask for a Virginia briefer and explain that this is out of your normal area. They will help. Also AOPA can explain. website has links to FAASTEAM reps that are in the area.
    Kind of like a border crossing it feel odd the first time only.

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    Not sure if I'll have my plane back from the annual scheduled in March. If I have wings sounds like an adventure I'd like to participate in!

    John Woods

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    I replied to your email, but I think you said the 22 or 23 there, I can make it on the 29th, it's a far taxi from the west ramp to the east ramp, and I don't think I'll even have to file an ADIZ for that.

    For all those outside of the ADIZ and have never flown in before, try it! Every time we fly is in and out of it and it's really no big deal, just follow procedures. Basics are; file your ADIZ flight plan before departing your final leg in, (can't air file), if your ahead or behind your filed time tell ATC your filed time and they will do there best to get you in, if they can't you have to contact FSS (while in air to correct your time) switch back to ATC and wait, usually works. (You can do this part in the air cause you have already filed from your departure point). Get your designated squawk, wait for ATC to tell you transponder observered, cleared on coarse, then proceed into the ADIZ and Manassas. Stay under class B, entering class D inside the ADIZ. If you can fly here there ain't none tougher.

    Steve Koski
    AKA Wizard

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    On Monday night I attended an FAA Safety seminar that detailed the ADIZ. There is also an AOPA online course for it. Basically for VFR, you file an IFR flightplan from an entry point on the ADIZ circle to your destination airport. Note I said an IFR flight plan for a VFR flight. As you approach, get your "clearance" and they will give you a unique transponder code (like flight following) and directions if not direct. Flying IFR.. no change, just file and go.
    We'll see if I can make that.. Definitly going to Mikes earlier in March.

    Dr Bill
    76 SUndowner N9230s

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    One IFR difference I did notice was that when I canceled IFR to switch to advisory frequency before landing, I was told to make sure I did _not_ leave my assigned transponder code. Do _not_ squak 1200 in the ADIZ!

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    Count me in for the HEF fly-in. I'm also parked on the west ramp, along with Steve.

    I learned to fly at HEF since my first lesson, so I haven't known any way to get in & out of here other than the ADIZ procedures. I've managed not to get my own personal F-16 escort yet, so here's how I handle the ADIZ:

    1. Review the ADIZ information available on AOPA's website:

    Specifically, the "ADIZ flight plan filing instructions":

    And the "ADIZ flight plan entry/exit points":
    This page also provides you with the ATC contact frequencies to use for each gate.

    As Dr Bill mentioned, the ADIZ is comprised of "gates", which are radial ranges off the DCA VOR.
    I always find it easiest to enter the ADIZ from the south-west using the FLUKY Gate.

    2. When you file your flight plan I would call the Leesburg Flight Service Station directly. Their number is:


    These folks deal with ADIZ flight plans all the time and I've always found them to be very helpful.

    When I call, I ask for a standard brief, then tell them I'd like to file an outbound or inbound ADIZ flight plan (an ADIZ flight plan is NOT a search & rescue flight plan. If you want one of those as well, just let the briefer know.).

    TIP 1: When they ask you for your altitude, they're looking for something below the CLASS B airspace. I usually use 2500MSL.

    TIP 2: As a general rule, your ADIZ flight plan remains in the system for 2-hours after your stated time of arrival or departure, so I always try to err on the side of arriving a bit later than my planned time.

    Now for getting to HEF!
    3. I fly towards CJR (Culpepper), and when I have it in site I follow the railroad tracks towards HWY (Warrenton), make my radio call to Potomac Approach on 127.325, say my position, and tell them I'm landing HEF Manassas.

    As Steve mentioned, you'll get your designated squawk code and wait for ATC to tell you transponder observed, cleared on coarse.
    If I don't hear this from ATC before reaching HWY, I call them up & ask them if I'm cleared to proceed on course.

    If they don't tell me transponder observed and cleared to proceed on course by the time I overfly HWY (I actually fly just north of the airport), I start a left 360. Like Steve said, you'll want to make sure you remain clear of the CLASS B airspace. 2500MSL or below should be good.

    TIP 1: I always try to get flight following when I come in. This really helps reduce my workload and gives me some peace of mind because I'm already in contact with ATC with a discrete squawk code.

    TIP 2: When you call up HEF, tell them you'll be parking the east ramp. The unofficial reporting point is called "The Bends" which is a noticeable bend in the railroad tracks shortly after passing HWY. If landing 34L/R I fly south of the railroad tracks (make sure you remain clear of the MOA to the south), and for 16L/R I fly north of the tracks.

    This all might sound like a lot, but it's really not bad at all, and like Paul said, it ruins everyone's day when there's an ADIZ infraction, so everyone goes out of their way to help folks avoid any problems.

    If anyone has any questions, please feel free to reply here or message me directly.

    I'm looking forward to seeing everyone that can make it out this way!

    - Jason

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    You need to put this on the BAC CALENDAR ASAP so that attendees can get points credit. Has to be on the calendar 3 weeks before the event !
    Dr BIll

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