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Thread: Sources for Parts

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    Sources for Parts

    I received this request for a F33. Anyone have any suggestions I can
    pass along? Thanks.

    Braden Messenger
    Director - International Region (former)
    Beech Aero Club

    1975 Beechcraft B24R C-GMBW

    Have obtained a new customer with an F33A based at Trail.
    Was wondering what information you can provide me with regard to
    sources of Beechcraft parts. Appreciate any assistance you can provide.

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    I would direct any one with a Bonanza to go to the American Bonanza Society and join up. They are a bunch of Beech guys just like us, but with money. They are very helpful to outsiders too.

    Marty Vanover
    Phoenix, Az.

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    Anyone know where I can get a glare shield for a 69 Musket b 23 ( m1242 )


    Bob Lavigne
    Toronto Can


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    Hi Bob;
    Is yours really bad? You can search "glareshield" in the BAC site, as many of us, myself included, have had a lot of luck repairing ones that looked, and in reality were, pretty bad. This will take you to one of the forums. Good luck.

    Charlie Baumann
    1974 Sport 150
    N6578R, MB-729
    Zuehl Field, near San Antonio Texas

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