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Thread: Sun-N-Fun 2008; BAC Type Club Tent Table, Dinner, Etc.!!!!!

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    Sun-N-Fun 2008; BAC Type Club Tent Table, Dinner, Etc.!!!!!

    BAC expects to be represented at Sun-N-Fun from Monday April 7 (Rellihan on-site), through Monday April 14 (when the place folds up shop). The actual show begins on Tuesday April 8. Just for reference, Easter 2008 falls on Sunday, March 23.

    Once again I am requesting volunteers for the BAC table in the Type Club Tent. Doug Muse will probably be putting out a volunteer schedule for us, as he did last year. We will need folks who can man the BAC table for at least one two-hour shift, on one or more days. Once again, I am hoping to be able to get a free SnF day ticket for anyone working a two-hour shift. If you can volunteer for a shift on each of three days, I hope to be able to get you a pass for each of those days. I know I can pick up the passes on Tuesday morning, though I will attempt to get them on Monday. I will also attempt to leave them in envelopes bearing names, at the Volunteer window of the Camping Entrance on Drane Field Road. If that doesn't work out, I'll get them to folks via cellphone hook-up and meets.

    Doug is planning another BAC Dinner, tentatively for Friday night April 11. Probably at the same steak house as last year, if any of us can remember the name (new place). I know where it is, but....

    The lawn chairs will be cabled to the big Live Oak tree at the NW corner of Hangar D (Garmin Hangar). This is very close to the Nature Trail route to the camping area. We had no banner on display last year (after having one up in 2005 and 2006). I would love to get something like a 30" x 60" vinyl banner that I could stake out next to the chairs. Alternatively, something like a 24" wide by 40" high vinyl banner with vertical layout, that I could bungee around the tree right above the chairs, would work great. The BAC name could be displayed in a vertical format (horizontal lettering). Even if there was insufficient room to show everything else on our standard banners, it would help identify the chair location from a distance.

    I will be contacting Rick Koch about some copies of the latest BAC Talk for table hand-outs (and one I can place in a binder), plus whatever other trinkets the Board might wish to authorize for this year's BAC table. I still have the copies of early BAC Talk issues in the binders, and will have them on display as well. If there was any way possible to get the 2008 BAC Fest poster done, and available on 8x11 for handouts, that would be great, too. I think I still have some of the original batch of BAC post cards, but they have all begun to curl, etc.

    Hope to meet a bunch of BAC members there, again this year! Get notes to me and to Doug Muse as soon as you can, if you can help man the BAC table. I'll have to get the roster back to the organizers within a week, in order to obtain the free tickets.

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    My wife & I will be there Thurs (4/10) & Fri (4/11) - I'm sure I can fit a 2 hr shift in one of those days.

    Peter Donofrio

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    I can help on either Wed or Thur. I already have tickets

    Mike Dawson

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    I enjoyed this time at the type club tent last year. If my plans work out that I will be at Sun n Fun I will sign up again.

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    Re: Sun-N-Fun 2008; BAC Type Club Tent Table, Dinner, Etc.!!

    I'd like to volunteer for BAC tent stuff also, I will be attending LAL 11-12 April. and have brought a one day ticket On-line already. If you need me for both days I'm available if you can get me in. Derek [3841Y Skipper]

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    Updated April 7, 2008:

    BAC will be putting a table up this year in the type club tent.
    Please let me know when you can work. The event is from April 8 to April 13. Please help the club out by giving of your time.

    All those that helped last year, we need you. I know who you are.

    You can reply to a post here or send me an email to doug.muse at and I will update.

    8th - Tue
    9 AM - 11 AM - Mike Rellihan
    11 AM - 1 PM -
    1 PM - 3 PM -
    3 PM - 5 PM -

    9th - Wed
    9 AM - 11 AM -
    11 AM - 1 PM - Rick Lehman
    1 PM - 3 PM - Mike Dawson
    3 PM - 5 PM - Steve Hatten

    10th - Thu
    9 AM - 11 AM - Mike Rellihan
    11 AM - 1 PM - Doug Muse
    1 PM - 3 PM - Peter Donofrio
    3 PM - 5 PM - John Woods

    11th - Fri
    9 AM - 11 AM - Doug Muse
    11 AM - 1 PM - Tim Hill & Rick Gaffney
    1 PM - 3 PM - Derek Povah
    3 PM - 5 PM - Steven Bobby

    12th - Sat
    9 AM - 11 AM - Mike Rellihan
    11 AM - 1 PM - Derek Povah
    1 PM - 3 PM - Steven Bobby
    3 PM - 5 PM -

    Please plan on being at the tent and table at least 10 minutes before your time. My cell phone is 706-317-3227.

    The Type Club Tent is located on the East end of the display/vendor ramp, almost right at the exit to the flight line. It is set back a bit from the line, so it is easy to miss. It should be shown on the site map you receive with your tickets, in the Program.
    BAC will be hosting dinner at Sam Seltzer's in Lakeland again on Friday the 11th. Please reply to this thread if you can work the table and if you will be attending dinner. More details will be posted soon on time.

    Dinner List: (if there is a ? next to your name please confirm)
    Location: Sam Seltzer's Steakhouse @ 4820 South Florida Ave, Lakeland, FL 33813 (863)701-9414
    Tenative time: 7pm(ish) - will confirm later in the week

    Doug Muse
    Steve Hatten plus Kim
    Derek Povah
    Mike Rellihan plus Paula
    3 guests of Mike Rellihan (Al, Rob, Sabrina)
    Jeff Ryndak
    Tim Hill
    Rick Gaffney

    Maybe for dinner:
    Paul Shuch - ?
    John Woods - ?
    Steven Bobby - ?
    Jack Brawley - ?

    For those working the table and those attending dinner - please email me your cell phone number so I can have on the list. The sign-up sheet for dinner will also be at the type club table and at the oak tree. We need to KNOW 100% for dinner by Thursday at 12 noon.


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    time is good for me -- and I'd like to attend dinner. IF you can obtain a ticket for entry 12 I can be available. Cell via private e-mail. Derek 3841Y

    [11th - Fri
    9 AM - 11 AM -
    11 AM - 1 PM -
    1 PM - 3 PM - Derek Povah
    3 PM - 5 PM -

    12th - Sat
    9 AM - 11 AM -
    11 AM - 1 PM -
    1 PM - 3 PM -
    3 PM - 5 PM -

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    we need your help.. please sign up for the table.


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    Doug, I wish I could. It looks like this will be the first Sun n Fun I miss in a long time. Unless something changes at work I will have to wait till next year.

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    Sun-N- Fun Table Volunteer

    RE: Sun-n-Fun table- Tim Hill and Rick Gaffney can work the table on Fri 11AM-1PM. And no, we still will not be flying down! Jim please put us down for Friday dinner also. thank.

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