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Thread: Jeppesen dropping Northstar Updates

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    Jeppesen dropping Northstar Updates

    Be aware that Jeppesen is discontinuing updates for Northstar GPS units as of March 2009.

    As a Northstar M3 Approach user, which I love, I'm extremely dissapointed in Jeppesen. I understand the flash card memory limitations, but they have already divided the USA into north and south databases to alleviate the problem.

    I will write Jeppesen to let them know my feelings, but it probably won't help.

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    There is an ad in Trade-a-Plane for Northstar Outlet, advertising Factory New M1 Databases. Nothing mentioned about M3. It might be worth a call to see if they have any additional information. The number given is 1-800-383-3521.

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    I also have a M3 GPS which I find so easy to use and update that it is a big disappointment that Jeppeson is trying to pull the plug. I called out there today and voiced my concern. It seems strange that they could not reduce the database by just providing "East of the Mississippi and West of the Mississippi' updates. I am sure that that would not satisfy everyone however, most of us could live with that and if we plan on going West of East then we could get that part if we needed it. We do it with approach plates.

    We need to get other BAC members that have Northstar M-3 systems in their planes to get on line or call to express concern.

    The larger the voice the better chance we have of keeping service.


    John C. Zinkus

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    I talked to CMC, the people that service the M3 and build the database source for Jepp, and they had tried the east-west split and had problems with the database becoming corrupted, so they went to a north-south split, which is available today. I don't remember the split coordinates, but there is a generous overlap in the middle between the north and south versions. I use the north version and it works fine for me, except for tomorrow when I'm flying to Florida.

    I agree the M3 is the easiest unit to use out there. I watched a friend of mine with a Garmin 530W try to alter a flight plan enroute when an MOA became hot. MUCH easier in an M3 (I use the queued waypoint feature instead of entering an entire route.)

    Keep those cards and letters going to Jepessen. MAYBE it will have some effect.

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